Fuel prices increase

8 more Bob per litre of Super petrol.This country!!


Last month (or the one before) 5 Bob was added to ensure there are no sharp increases in fuel prices. What happened to that 5 Bob?

We can afford it. No one will protest in the streets, meaning it’s not that big of an increase.

That’s why we need wheelbarrows. Just greasing and you hit the road

Hii itatoa jam Kwa barabara

Bonobo ni bonobo. Unafikiria fuel inatumika kwa personal cars only!

Banae, fuel huwa na ripple effect mbaya but he’s kinda right this price discrimination will affect gari ndogo more than za diesel -trucks,matatu etc . Diesel ikapanda hivo prices of goods (na fare) also go up…first huwa cement and steel.

Do you understand the difference between petrol and diesel?Price inelastic products that are used by many people rarely hike prices.