Fuel price increase

Nairobians will have to dig deeper into their pockets after the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority introduced an increase in fuel prices in its latest review.
EPRA on Saturday announced Super petrol and Diesel prices will increase by Sh0.28 per litre and Sh2.44 per litre respectively starting midnight today in Nairobi.
The users of Kerosene, however, can breathe a sigh of relief as its prices will decrease by Sh3.31 per litre in Nairobi.

Well I’ll tell you one thing, even though it’s not much of an increase, but fuel with the current prices are quite high as compared to what I used to get out of a litre a few months back. Yet I don’t even drive a guzzler.

‘sina gari so haiwezi ni affect’ :slight_smile:

maan. I am never buying a petrol car. I have one small one i just bought and that’s it. diesel is the automotive world’s best kept secret. with turbo diesel you can have a SUV more economical than a vitz yet pulling like it has got a rocket for an engine.

Sorry Rene only option is electric vehicle …diesel vehicles are pollutants according to environmentalists.

For real?

endeleeni kulia na watu wa 3700 cc and above are not feeling anything

Kwanza secretary pompeo amesema Iran ndio wameshambulia saudia pale Aramco…shit just got real!


yes. if you know diesel

watengeneze betri kwanza.

Nauli itapanda, pamoja na bei ya bidhaa kama vile unga, sukari n.k

Where do the materials to make the batteries come from? How are the batteries disposed once they’re of no use?
Hydrogen is the only sensie, renewable energy we can look at.

What he’s forgotten to tell you about diesels…zikianza mashida… It’s down hill… You’ll make your mechanic’s place a garage getaway for the weekends…

Why, whats their biggest problem?

Am parking my car until further notice…Fuel is getting expensive daily and I can’t manage it

What’s your car make and CC?
We just need small CC cars especially if you’re a city resident.

Our diesel quality isn’t very good, as for problems, any car with poor maintainance will be problematic in the long run.
Cars are not for stingy, shallow pockets, hence but a car you can afford to maintain.

its Mark X, consumes a lot of fuel

:smiley: Pole sana