Fuck Twitter

I can’t troll white liberals without getting my black ass limited.

Serves you right… gender based violence whether virtual or physical shouldn’t be tolerated. How I wish Ktalk admins can borrow a leaf from Twitter operates…

Faggot acha makasiriko. Fruity ass nigga.:D:D:D

Kafirwe mkundu bila kutusumbua

You have to calibrate yourself when you’re on other spaces. The only forums that tolerate the kind of language we use and attitudes we express here are gore sites and boards like 4chan’s /pol/. Anywhere else you get hit with the ban hammer real quick.

Niaje @patco?

Hehe liberals wanakunia njaruo MGTOW proper. @Sambamba enda saidia boy child.

Miano umewacha kuchora 3D kazi siku hizi ni kasheshe na upus?

Welcome to our world. :D:D:D

When dealing with Antifa liberal bitches you have to be very careful because they will take you down in two seconds. And twitter supports them 100%.

Don’t even mention the word g.ay or bitch around those ladies. Hujawai jiuliza how comes when Trump had a twitter account it was just full of liberal insults?

Now you know. This is the world that your kassin Obama has created.

FYI: mimi hapana Jaruo am a pure blood.

Whatever. Wewe kaa tu ukijua hio ndio mchezo liberals wanacheza. :smiley:

Enda kwa account ya mtu kama biden ama obama halafu utaje Wuhan lab ovyo ovyo. Ama stolen election… ama LGBTQ…


Tumia lugha ya heshima.

[SIZE=5]Ndio hawa sasa :

Huyu Amerix atajua hajui. Atajua net ina wenyewe.[/SIZE]




Hii thread ya Amerix ndio imefanya nikapigwa ban to many bitter Liberals.


Poritician = blogger wa ruto

Ukiwa twitter avoid topics about feminism, gays and American politics that oppose Democrats.
Those over sensitive idiots will ban you very quickly ukiongea if you cover the above topics negatively.

niaje madam