FTA update

We had a successful meeting with strong products market personnel to this region, Mr Emile Abi, and the matters we discussed about were as follws;

  1. srt 4912 decoder will be rolled in the market soon (he had the sample though we could not test), which is a combo receiver designed specifically to tailor the demand from this part of the globe, kenya. He however stressed that it can only be supplied through the dealer’s, e.g abasheik electronics, and it’s us to convince him to stock those decoders. The market is still untapped thus the lowest limit to import stand at 3000 units as they are yet to hit their break even point.
  2. He confirmed the availability of 150 and 240cm offset dishes which again can only be supplied through their dealers.
  3. On strong lnbs, he cited the availability of single strong lnbs at Abasheik electronics already, but also confirmed availability of twin and quad models too.
  4. On sensitivity of the tuners, he called his technical manager who confirmed that the sensitivity may vary between different models but it can exceed 10% difference. he said that the new 4912 has one of the best tuners.

Following keenly.
Lakini weka kambisha kadogo ata kaa ni ka huyo Emile. ;):smiley:
Siku hizi hekaya imezidi kwa hii kijiji (kaa mwingine anatuhadaa ati anaenda shoti saba:D)
I don’t intend to derail this thread. …so please enlighten us more. .

Wats the estimated budget for installation going by ua experience?

Kama vile @wamarimu ameurisa…

Hoping the 4912 arrives soon.
Any newer software update for 4950h?
@ meria & luther; Am on nilesat 7w want to migrate to eutelsat 7e, had done it sometime back lakini imekua ngumu lately…
90cm, Kiambu.

90cm will only get you the azam package and, if you’re lucky, muvi package. Is that your target?

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Varies depending on what you want, kwa mfano;

i. Installation fees…3k minimum
ii. Decoder……6k (4950H)
iii. RG6 quality cable…45/= @metre.
iv. Satellite dish…6k for 6’, 22k for 8’ pf dish. 5.5k for 120cm, 15-20k for 150cm offset.
v. Good quality LNB…cost depends on type of dish and what you wanna receive, ranging from 1.5k to 4.5k each.
vi. F-connectors…@10/=.
vii. DiSEqC switch…300/= to 1k depending on size/ports.
viii. Incidental costs…includes cost of fabricating a platform or mounting pole for your setup. That’s up to you.

Those are rough figures, none of us sells these items so it’s up to you to physically walk into the shops to confirm prices as you budget. There’s a talker called @muzombozi who sells OpenBox V8 Combo decoder, you may contact him for pricing. It combines both DVB-S/S2 and -T2 tuners in the same STB.


You should team up with @Meria Mata and form a company that offers this package as a wholesome solution. All you need is to quote to clients whole cost plus your markup depending on what they need. im sure there is tons of money to be made. Most people would be willing to pay and have this wide variety FTA but being technically challenged makes them not pursue it. Also considering that one is in the house for a very short time in a day with hardly any time to watch tv makes pursuing this a low priority pursuit

As I’ve said countless times, we all do this as a hobby. We all are already committed elsewhere fulltime. Indeed, there’s money to be made lakini hebu angalia the lukewarm reception hata kwa hiki kijiji. Assuming talkers represent the educated, now try selling the same to some uneducated fellow huko vijijini. :slight_smile:

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Me reading this listing …


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Daktari a hobby can be turned into a cash cow. The lukewarm reception is because people here are technically challenged and they do not have the motivation of a hobby like yourself. Its just like motoring. Everyone here wants to get the right mechanic and garage even for simple DIY things like changing bulbs. Anyway, consider it as a future project.

Point taken.
i have a buddy who i trained and he does all my installations, i only help him out when he gets into problems with difficult birds and thats late at night after nishatoka job

get a bigger dish, hio ya 90 haiwesmake hio beam. a 130 will work perfectly

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Sorry guys, my phone is misbehaving…
Either way, what turn do i make from 7e to 7w b4 i acquire the big plate…

from 7e to 7w just lower you dish mpaka iwe ni kaa iko vertical, the weka tp ya fox movies utafute signal,

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Same case will apply to epl and la liga. .sindio?

If on beIN sports, then yes.

Steve Jobs said, and I quote “Sometime people don’t know what they need, until you show it to them” endquote


@Luther12 @Meria Mata I’ve been following your previous threads. I’m interested with Sports - Eutelsat 7W. Checking on http://www.lyngsat.com/Eutelsat-7-West-A.html , I can only see BeIn Sports, can I get it freely?

Secondly, has the srt 4912 decoder arrived?