FTA setup

Slow Friday coz ni mashujaa day, Hebu tuangalie setups za dish…

Hii ni 120cm offset connected to 4 satellites, 22w on top, 7w, 3w and 5e.
Hapo bro uko na channel kaa 2k of which kindu 150 are in ingrich… Movies, cartoons, news, documentaries… Sports you name it…
6ft pointed to 3 sats, 75e, 66e and 57e. All premium channels on cband.

FTA for life

Village Chief umekosa kazi ya kufanya? peleka watoto Haller Park.

Ni usiku boss, i better spend my time hunting satellites than going to the local den

kwani mwarabu hajakupea kakitu ya weekend?


Halafu documentary ya nat geo na discovery ama?

no wonder the channels are disapperaing saa mumeanza tena kuanika hapa wonders never cease

Msee cost na technicalities ni much to majority, so relax


Jesus on a bicycle!!

Does premium mean paid in this context?

No, it’s premium it’s fta

Hii imewekwa na 8way diseq switch

Of course not. Just high quality.


:eek: hii sasa ni ugonjwa

ASAS. Acute Satellite Addiction Syndrome.:smiley:

Unapata hata EPL na UEFA?

Once in a while, yes. There’re channels that air both thought not all games.

Not fair at all!!

What isn’t, Elder?