fta re-alignment

Hoping digital addiction has affected you as it has me, I would wish to request assistance to; using a 130 offset combine amos5,7A&B and also 7w.
How could the fabrication / set up be arranged.
Sengio sana.

For nairobi you need atleast 165 cm or preferably 180cm offset dish to get 7a & b beams but for 7w yu are good with 130 cm . I dont know much about multi lnb setup but head to jamiiforums look for a guy called ftanash i dont know if he is on ktalk he will sort your craving…

Thanks man.

You will only get 7W if that LNB is in the focal position, otherwise 7.3W is what you’ll get. Unsure as to the performance of 7E in the offset position.

I h

I have just gotten some info from jamiiforums and I guess friday kuanzia breakfast hadi supper ni rooftop mpaka nione itakua vipi.
Siku hivi hadi signal ya azam inanizoea.
Asande sana dagitari.

You’re most welcome. Tell us how it goes and if possible, please share a pic to educate the rest of us.

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I sure will

The azam and Nilesat are home and dry but nimeshindwa kufunga hii HH motor kwa 90.nafikiria continental ile iko Amos baadaye kwa ka-90 kako idle.
Nani anaweza saidia na maarifa kuhusu huyu motor? Haleti shangwe hata kidogo.

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Wekea watu picha wajionee.