Ola! Gone through all the threads and I know my redeemer ni FTA. So talkers, On a budget of 25k, need someone to help me out, from buying a dish, satelite dec, lnb, cables and installation. nimechoka kuteswateswa na kunyonywa na watu ya payTv with their shitty services. Local TVs is sorted since my TV has an in built terrestrial decoder. Anyone out there?

What content are you looking for at the moment?

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Soccer n movies (Blockbusters) n perhaps music

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Soccer utapata on NSS-12 and Movies & series on IS-20 & A-7, all C-band. It’s possible to combine all these three on one 240cm pf dish with IS-20 as the focal LNB. Here’s the catch though: this dish (alone) will cost you at least 23k!

Sorry, am a very NV.:):slight_smile: Soccer, movies (Blockbusters) n perhaps music

So that would mean I have to dig deeper for the decoder and installation costs… Can I get a rough estimate please

Bearing in mind the nature of most of our living quarters with limited outdoor space, that’s what I’d advise. No need to have two small (6’) dishes facing the same direction of a bigger one can do the job.

Cost varies depending on shops and your own preferences. On average, decoder 6k, 180cm pf dish 6.5k, 240cm pf dish 23k, C-band LNB 1-1.5k, Ku-band LNB 1.5-4.5k, RG-6 cable 25-40 bob per meter, F-connectors 10/= each, DiSEqC switch 300-800 bob, installation fees 3-6k.

Hio f-connectors na DiSEqC switch ndio imeniacha pale kinoo… Ni nini hizo?


Ama ni vitu kama hizi

It just had to be Kínoo yaani? :D:D:D:D

Here are some pics:

DiSEqC switches:







Okay, think I have the connectors… As for the dish, decoder and the switches, do you have a particular shop in mind or may be a trusted distributor?

@ luther i tried to set up the 90cm dish with a normal decoder hata signal ya kuchungulia siku faulu what did i do wrong

Decoders ni nyingi but I’d recommend one of either Strong SRT 4950H or Freesat V7 Combo. The latter combines both satellite and digital terrestrial in one STB and allows auto update of keys so is higher rates than 4950H. Talk tu @muzombozi for supplies.

The rest can be obtained in any of the numerous shops along Luthuli and its neighborhood.


What were you setting up, i.e. Which sat? Which STB did you use?

tried to search for nile sat and eutelsat

Which Eutelsat?

i think it was 36 a or b

There’s three at that location, 36A,B,C all used by DiShThieVes. Which STB were you using?


Ziko aina nyingi, which specific one?