FTA guys saidia tena

my local installer anasema it’s next to impossible to get epl on the normal receivers eg strong etc na 130cm dish… ati lazima you get bein. Any truth in this?

A few key words for you:

  1. Arabsat 5C @20E, C-band (IRIB)

  2. Eutelsat 7A @7E, Ku-band (iDMAN AZERBAYCAN)

  3. Amos 5 @17E, C-band (Tv Oromiyaa).

  4. Paksat 1R @38E, C-band (Pak Sports).

Kazi kwako. And yes, that dish size might be too small. I’ll leave it to soccer fans to give you the rest of the details, I’m not one.

Confirm dish size for your location on satbeams.com and satstar.net

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thanks sana daktari… now would you be having just one reliable installer? saw you’re excel sheet in the previous thread but most sellers hapo are unsure kabisa about the installation/ technical part of FTA. been to alfa sounds earlier in the day na they have your recommended decoders but installation wako uncertain.

None at the moment. Most of us do this as a hobby. Still, register in jamiiforums and check if there’s an installer near you.


Thanks kabisa daktari. You are so resourceful and helpful! Appreciate the assistance, sasa kazi kwangu

ukimaliza uweke picha ya fta yako alafu utume 100mb kwangu mimi ndio huwa assistant wa dagitare wa kuokota mbesha