FTA Decoder Sales Business

2 weeks ago, I asked for info regarding suppliers of FTA decoders. Nothing much was forthcoming, so I used google, and got some manufacturers from China. I picked one for the following reason: They had an importer in kenya who had already got the CCK approval for that model. So that saved me the headache of seeking approval. Unfortunately, the distributor didnt do proper marketing, plus the circumstances at that time were not favourable for decoder sales. So, I got the dealership, linked up with the old dealer, and bought a stock of 50 decoders. From my maths, the total cost (purchase, shipping, clearing, etc) of the decoders is approx 2,000. The dealer sold me 50 at 2900.

I took the decoders to Nyeri, and on the first day, sold 13 at 3800. Next day, I moved to Meru and sold another 16 at 4,000. In both towns, I established partnerships where am selling the guys at 3500 (minimum 10) and they in turn sell at 4-4.2K. Let us say that within the week I have been in business, I have sold over 60, both directly and indirectly. Do the maths.

Now, here is the deal guys: Purchase wholesale @3500 and sell in your preferred town. Determine your price. And there is 1 years warranty. Mode: Payment on delivery or collection. I have a collection point in CBD. And I will give you 2 A3 posters to get you started. I have already ordered several from manufacturer.

You can write to me on [email protected] we talk details.
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wekelea mbisha ya decoder and give us the specs.




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