FTA Channels

I blind scanned 7W n MBCs are now showing…no need to pay Azam anymore.
MBC 1-4
MBC Action,MBC Bollywood,MBC Drama n MBC max.


yeaah Profesa Bamba can remain in his jacuzzi conning us


@Aurak using which decoder

Muendo…strong 4922

Mine ve been there for some time…

Who are the authorized dealers in Kenya.

Tembea Luthuli Avenue…kuna Shops like Riwara

How much would it cost to fully install?

yani watu bado wanauliza maswali since enzi za Klost!

wapi @meria awajibu



Dr Luther…kupotea nayo

Android TV is the way to go.

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Niko mblo. Doing some sort of countrywide tour akin to the one you did a while back. Hope you’ve been good.

nko finest kuruka…pitia Nyairofi nko area…zangu nilimaliza last wk.

:slight_smile: Will do one of these fine days. Ahsante.:slight_smile:

Get an Mbox t works as a decoder and an android box .u get iptv and kodi and when wired to the net u get all channels for free incl sky sports and bein and any movie that is or has been released.Its amazing all u need is faiba tena in Hd …im now watching skysports hd


na kaa hauna fibre?

unakol zuku wakuekee…seriously tho without good bandwidth streaming esp HD is not enjoyable

  1. Wekea sisi details zote kwa listing/talking ingine
    na uwekee sisi photographic evidence so that we see how it works

  2. Na ulikuwa umelost. Ama ulikuwa tu ni handle ndio ilikuwa tofauti?

Only works if you have unlimited broadband internet. Download and install kodi on your favorite device:


Then add some video add-ons onto it to give you a myriad of iptv channels. Here are tutorials on how to add two add-ons (not two channels!): IPTV Stalker and Phoenix.