Frustrated Murathe Who Expected Ruto To Resign As DP By Jan. 2021 Now Reveals New Plans....

Deputy President William Ruto could be forced out of his official Karen residence or best known as the “Hustler’s mansion”, Jubilee Party national vice chair David Murathe has said.

Speaking to KTN News on Thursday, Murathe said there is a plot to kick the DP out of the residence but remained cagey on how it will be done.

He did, however, note that an exit clause will come into play over breach of a coalition agreement between the Jubilee Party and the Party of Development and Reforms (PDR) which is now the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), associated with the DP.

Jubilee Party national vice chair David Murathe

“With the exit clause, the eviction party of the DP from the hustler mansion in Karen is loading. That you can take to the bank,” he said.

Asked whether Ruto’s removal from the residence would be through impeachment, Murathe said,

“Whether it will be an impeachment or any other way, you can be sure he is getting evicted soon.”

On to matters Tanga tanga faction, Murathe warned the party’s deputy secretary-general Caleb Kositany over his affiliation to the DP.

In fact, he said, Kositany will next Monday be shown the door.

“I am putting Caleb on notice and come Monday we are going to kick him out of Jubilee,” he continued.

Murathe, a fierce critic of Ruto, had earlier stated that the party will rally behind anyone who brings to the floor of the House, a motion of impeachment against Ruto.

“We shall support anybody who brings a motion to impeach the Deputy President on account of violation of chapter six on ethics and integrity,” he said.

But according to the party’s secretary-general Raphael Tuju, there were no plans to oust the Deputy President.

“So far those are just speculations. There is no such Motion. It has not been discussed within the party.
If there was such a discussion it would have been communicated to all members,” Tuju told the Standard.

ANC’s Ayub Lugari has threatened to table a motion of impeachment against the second in command.

Murathe, like Maina Kamanda who is Uhuru’s closest advisers had warned us Ruto would be out by the beginning of 2021:

[I]I want to assure Kenyans that by the end of the year Kenya will have a new deputy president.

  • Hon Maina Kamanda-[/I] May 2020.

Desperate moves by stupid Kieleweke fools

Jubilee Party on Monday removed Soy MP Caleb Kositany from the deputy secretary-general position and replaced him with Cherangany MP Joshua Kutuny. The ruling party made the announcement in a statement signed by Secretary-General Raphael Tuju.
Mr Tuju said the decision was reached at a meeting on Monday of the party’s National Management Committee.

“The Jubilee Party Management Committee met at the party headquarters and in the exercise of its mandate, as provided for under Article 7 (2) of the Jubilee Party Constitution, removed Caleb Kositany from the position of deputy secretary-general of Jubilee Party,” he said in the statement.

In his reaction to the development, Mr Kositany said he will not appeal against the decision as it is “not worth it”. :D:D:D
The legislator said he knew the day would eventually come.


“It was not a matter of if, but when,” he told the Nation, adding he is relieved to leave a “broke” party now being run “like a kiosk”.
The MP further said that speaking the truth is “now a crime” in Jubilee.
“I am losing nothing … nothing at all. That party is dead and they have not been paying me, in any case,” said the lawmaker allied to Deputy President William Ruto.

The party’s removal of Mr Kositany is likely to escalate wrangles pitting the faction allied to President Uhuru Kenyatta and that associated with the DP.
The ouster comes just three days after Jubilee chair David Murathe put the MP on notice, telling him that he would soon be expelled from the party.
Mr Murathe, who is loyal to President Kenyatta, said Mr Kositany had been promoting the interests of another party, the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), which is associated with the DP.

The ruling party has gradually been ejecting rebels from all corners of its shelf, especially those who have publicly pledged allegiance to the Deputy President. Several other members of the party have been put on notice for various reasons.

[SIZE=7]The quick deconstruction of Tangatanga[/SIZE]
Sunday, February 28, 2021

By Gitau Warigi @GitauWarigi

One of the biggest hoaxes being peddled is that William Ruto was never opposed to BBI.

“Have you ever heard him say he is against it?” his spin doctors are now busy telling everybody as if we are aliens from Mars.

Even in propaganda, some semblance of fact is advisable.

Whose agenda are Tangatanga MPs pushing when they viciously and repeatedly attack BBI at weekend rallies and church barazas?

How many times has the DP been on record complaining BBI has derailed the Big Four agenda?
How many times has he said BBI is only meant to create seats for "wadosi wachache” (Dynasties)”?
And, pray, what was the DP purportedly stopping when he famously boasted he would “stop the reggae”?

Come on, Ruto doesn’t have to jump up and down holding a hustler placard for anybody to know BBI is a big No for him.
He has spent the better part of two years throwing mud at it. But once Tangatanga sensed the BBI’s inevitability, they changed tactics.

Garissa Township MP Aden Duale addressing the press at Deputy President William Ruto’s official residence in Karen on February 8, 2021.

[SIZE=6]Latter-day watermelons[/SIZE]

“We are not interested in a Yes-No contest”. “We want consensus”. “We want a win-win”. “We want multiple-choice referendum questions”.
The game was to sabotage.
Now, with a referendum looming, they have back-pedaled. They have started pretending to be indifferent, unconcerned.
“BBI is not a priority”. “Our focus is on empowerment”. And wheelbarrows. And, above all else, 2022. We are dealing with latter-day watermelons. Greenish on the outside but very red (‘No’) inside.
February 23: Super Tuesday, as it has been called, will be remembered as the day the tide turned. Twenty-six county assemblies voted overwhelmingly for the BBI Bill, whizzing past the 24-county threshold after 12 other counties had voted Yes the previous week. On the Super Tuesday roster was a cluster of Mt Kenya counties that were being closely watched due to the many months of intense campaigning Tangatanga had invested there. Their county assemblies all voted massively for the Bill.

Mt Kenya Tangatangas should worry.
At one point they got so cocky, they excitedly started talking of naming Ruto the regional eminence, the Boss.
(Don’t laugh; they were serious).:D:D:D

[SIZE=6]Super Tuesday[/SIZE]

Now, that has to be drastically revised after Uhuru’s Sagana III gathering last month and the Super Tuesday outcome.
Truth is, their anti-BBI campaign, which has been on for some two years, has been deconstructed in a matter of days.
And the referendum campaign proper has not even begun.


Following the Super Tuesday avalanche, some counties in Ruto’s North Rift base decided to swim with the current rather than stick out as the outliers.
The North Rift ground is hostile to the BBI, but the optics of being the only holdouts aren’t good. It would isolate Ruto as a mere Kalenjin leader. Well, as they say, if you can’t beat them, join them.

[SIZE=6]No consequence[/SIZE]

Anyway, whichever way those counties voted was of no consequence once the 24-county threshold was met.
That wave surely suggests Ruto’s hold in the county assemblies outside his North Rift base is weak. It was the same with the ‘Punguza Mizigo’ initiative, which Tangatanga are believed to have quietly supported before it collapsed in the county assemblies.

The BBI vote opened many eyes as to the DP’s powerlessness in setting, or blocking, an agenda in the county assemblies. Yet he has been frequently interacting with MCAs at his official Karen residence and in his countrywide tours. His Tangatanga MPs also notably failed to influence the way the MCAs voted. Even the recently elected Tangatanga-linked MCAs for Lakeview ward in Naivasha and Gaturi in Murang’a voted Yes. Clearly, there’s something very amiss with Team Ruto’s networking in the assemblies.
Ah, there was the Sh2 million car grant “sweetener” from President Uhuru Kenyatta to the MCAs.
Yeah, quite an upgrade from wheelbarrows. It was a huge propaganda boon for the anti-BBI side, though I suspect a majority of the MCAs would still have voted Yes without this cynical inducement.
Now some Tangatangas are daring the pro-BBI camp for a referendum showdown.
“Hustlers will shoot it down,” they say.
At this stage, nobody can be certain how Wanjiku will vote. It is easy, though, to predict what turn the referendum campaigns will take.


With their hostility to BBI, Tangatanga will be hard-pressed to explain how they can disregard the 35 percent revenue promise to counties and the 5 percent Ward Fund. These are the most popular bits of the BBI Bill at the county level. Already, BBI has acquired a slogan: “Pesa Kwanza, Siasa Baadaye!”

Tangatanga’s messaging of negativism and second-guessing will be problematic.
“Where will the money come from?” “We don’t need a constitutional amendment to increase county funding.”
The sincerity of Tangatanga’s sudden interest in economic prudence is debatable. What is not is the hunger of counties for increased money allocations. In the end, the referendum will be won or lost over this issue of cash.
Everybody except Tangatanga is denying any link between BBI and 2022. Of course, there is. A tight one. Tangatanga are spot-on there. Eventually, Kenyans will connect the dots. Let the referendum hurdle be cleared first. 2022 will be a very interesting year.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s fight with Deputy President William Ruto has been playing out through proxies and veiled attacks but lately, the gloves have come off with the two directly engaging each other. In the latest response to President Kenyatta over the weekend, Ruto stated that he did not require anyone’s permission or support to visit the vote-rich Mt Kenya region.

“I will be on the ground now and many more times since I am the deputy president, “ he said in Murang’a.
Deputy President William Ruto addressing a rally in Murang’a County

During his meetings with leaders in Sagana in January, Uhuru warned that those seeking the support of Mt Kenya voters should not come through the backdoor but instead follow the right channels.

He assured leaders that though he would not be seeking power in 2022, he would be involved in deciding who his followers would back in the General Election.


“I will still sit at the negotiation table to ensure that our region is not taken lightly,” he said during the meeting with the leaders at Sagana State Lodge.

Ejected Jubilee Deputy Secretary-General Caleb Kositany a close confidant of the DP said that Ruto has since realised that the attacks from his rivals had the nod of the head of state.

He added that the DP’s direct responses to the president would become more visible as the 2022 General Election nears.

“For a long time, the DP has been a target of emissaries who have been attacking him left, right and centre. He remained measured because we wanted to know the owner of the attacking dogs.

Now that the president has come out clearly to say that it is him who has been sending people to insult the DP, it is, therefore, the DP’s democratic right to answer and put these things straight,” Kositany offered.

The boldest salvo from the head of state came when he dared Ruto to quit, accusing his deputy of doublespeak.


“If you are praising the government, stay in, if you are dissatisfied, get out,” Uhuru said.

In his direct response, Ruto said, "I am a respectful person and there is no contest between me and President Uhuru Kenyatta. When we went to look for votes, we had a common agenda, vision, manifesto and plan for Kenya and that is what we want to achieve,” he said.

“I will continue respecting the decisions of the President because he is the one in charge. I will not undermine his decisions.”