i was remembering my childhood i was born in a village where alcohol was sold too much and this saw too many family breakups my dad was tthen a drunkard and i felt the pain of being in such a family villagers and leaders had to come up with a strategy to end it all but no matter how much they tried these egocentric brewers had no mercy but continued to ignore the cry of villegers but continued to brew the poisonous brews the leaders were satisfied and they came up with a solution they blocked and stopped the raw materials from being supplied in our district that was the beginning of the salvation and end of imprisonment of my people. brews which had killed widowed and left so many children’s…

Kwani uliambiwa uki punctuate hii mambo utakufa ??

Those brewers also killed the queen’s language ,wapi introduction ,body na conclusion?

kuna competition ya the longest sentence in KTalk history?

gibleys na mimi hatuta wachana

Am tipsy omwami.

Utaanza kunywa cogniac lini?

Kijana hata hii fullstop iko hapo ungetoa from your one long sentence, paragraph, essay, hekaya all names.

This is how you would have concluded.

Despite the elders frantic effort to end the curse, it had already been passed to the F1 offsprings. Long live njohogio. Then your sentence i.e. “…I am tipsy omwami”

You mean Cognyianci? :smiley:

I hope you are now a stable man and wise enough to live well (I don’t men drinking is bad).
Achana na hawa watu wa punctuation…this ain’t no grammar test

konyagi niliachia peasants akina @Colombo-Combolo na @sludgist

Our childhood made or beoke us. I hope now you have learnt and know which is the best way to follow

A little of both for me.