Friends Of PsyhcoSarah, Kujeni Hapa

I feel for this Man ,former Gatundu North Mp. His life is has been all around murders ,starting with his son, and now his close friend.

Plot twist! He’s the killer in all those cases!

Dun! Dun! Duuuuuuuuun!

Na mkiambiwa step-parenting is a thankless job mnakataa. Leave single mothers alone juu any relationship will be a business to her. Hii kunguru inakaa iliolewa isomeshewe watoto etc. Kwanza hapo kwa wedding that is really disrespectful.

Now Sarah has no life, no property, no respect, and her well educated children will live with a stigma all their lives.

Ahhh hapo huyo Sarah hawezi jitoa

Net worth yako ikipita just 10 mirrion jua your tiny fortune can get you killed by anyone who thinks they will get it. Ikigonga 100 million sasa you are walking-dead. By the way mimi sijawahi ona maana ya life insurance and I don’t think that I will ever take that policy. Imagine having a fat life insurance policy ukiwa na bibi kama huyu si unauliwa asubuhi.

That Muiruri should answer questions. He is incriminating himself. It is possible he could have a motive as well because he says they were business partners. That septic tank is too shallow for a body to be hidden there for a month without being discovered. Most probably that body was dumped there after the wife was arrested. The tank does not have even water. The smell should have been felt everywhere in that compound.

Earlier media reports said that CCTV video showed the victim leaving his home but never returned. This was corroborated by his workers. The question is, did he come back dead? Who brought him back? Is somebody incriminating his wife because he knew of their disagreements? Who is to benefit from his business partnerships apart from his wife?

you were not there to smell it stop this myopic reasoning

You seem as stupid as Sarah.

Act your age and stop useless insults to faceless people

Hii nayo umeirudia sana

Very very myopic mind

Yes he’s right. You act stupid. Wacha kujifanya Sydney Sheldon’s garbage you wrote up there. Ati the body would smell because of shallow dry sewage. …

When my hustle went belly up, the first thing I liquidated were life insurance policies I had taken a few years back. Insurance companies fucked me big time for cashing early but I was at peace that I no longer had a target on my back.

At least not as stupid you are, old fool

You are so predictable Sydney Sheldon. Peleka feelings zako kwa choo. You just wrote garbage. Cry if you may. It’s your prerogative.

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Even my dog is smarter than you. Wewe ni akili ndogo.

What, huna uso?