Friends and Foes- Docu is David Attenborough who you all family is hooked on him... and his voice is sooo soothing

Every human being with a TV or internet likes him. Meffi post

Shosho, men don’t watch stuff for soothing voices. That’s for betachieth


He is aging though…

I watch him for his voice over…and million others do.

He has aged kabsa but we watch re-runs…he cannot be replaced…young kids are fascinated by mother nature…

:D:D:D @digi apologize to Ngimanene ile makosa ulimfanyia

Pls not just to Ngima…apologise to all of us for posting headliners aka baits bila links. It is a shame to all the journalists out there doing a credible job. He just wakes up…and thinks we are so behind news and we do not see what is happening around the world.
He is part of why guys have defected to the new village. That is for sure.

Wacha siasa, I’m a very small person in the big village. I can’t and I don’t influence anything

Well Talkers have quoted you many times as an annoyance and some are seyying they are the reason they left. If you are still hiding your head in the sand…well you cannot be helped.