Fridge, cooker, microwave and washing machine repairs

we do fridge repairs, cooker, microwave and washing machines.

Nairobi and its environs.

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"We are the Neo cooling services. "

My personal fridge needs repair. Tuma lanye

Do you do gas refill ya fridge?? At what cost senior?

My Samsung Microwave haiwezi warm anything, despite powering on, hapo aje?

We do not recommend repairs for those home appliances listed since repairs are not cost-effective, at least where I live.
The same with most electronics like TV, Tablets, Cell Phones. Most are cheaper to replace than repair.

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Hello…thanks for your enquiry.
Gas refill is 3k

Hello…thanks for your enquiry.
That can be caused by either a blown fuse, a faulty magnetron or a faulty transformer. We need to check it so as to be sure on whats faulty.

Hi, please sell those electronics that you don’t want to repair to us. We will appreciate