Friday rant

Kama wewe ni mwanaume and you pay for nudes ama subscribe to those only fans website you are a fucking stupid thirsty beta male and abomination to society. And not forgetting those who pay for hookers

Ukiambiwa apana subscribe to those dodgy pornsites uliona watu wakiwa wajinga,sasa umekuliwa fedha zako ukaona wacha ranting and raving ianze. These streets are unforgiving son:D:D:D
Anyway tumeskia mawaidha,we will not pay,thanks for the heads up

i absolutely agree hapo kwa nudes na only fans website
lakini hapo kwa Lanye - nimekata , all men pay for pu5sy one way or another

Pay for pussy but never subscribe or pay for nudes, that is the principle foe me and should be for all men.

Hapa umeongea ukweli tupu

Fagia kwako