Fresh bid to demolish Weston Hotel. Hope it is brought down soon

The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) has moved to court seeking to repossess the contentious land. NLC found that the four-star hotel had been built on grabbed land belonging to KCAA and ordered that Ruto should negotiate for compensation. But in a new twist to the long running saga, KCAA has now moved to the Lands and Environment Court.

Bomoa hiyo kibanda. Ghaseer! and set an example that ALL Kenyans are equal before the law.

let it go down, so that Sudi can start pointing all the grabbed land in the city. biggest beneficiary will be the public.

Because they fear Ruto. The same way they planned against Israelites in Egypt. They think Ruto has become too powerful, and the people are with him, the same way they planned against Jesus Christ, fearing a people’s revolution against the system.

The only thing they can use against Ruto is to harm him or harm his financial health, because politically hawana uwezo, the people are with him

which people

The National Intelligence Service said which people?

where is the report, mind sharing ?

People should speak of their own vote, me I can’t let Kenya where my children will inherit go to the dogs by giving a thief the power to loot, not by my one vote

Really fool…we are comparing ruto with Jesus & the Israelites?

One day it will be brought down,but after paying up the current owner

maybe thats why there is a new push to repossess

Huwa na suspect wewe ni @Budspencer in camouflage. Ama @Oscar Kibet .

Be that as it may mtu wenu sioni akitoboa. Nilisema hivo zamani enzi ya 2017/18 hio siku nikachapwa blockade na wakalenjin wote wakiongozwa na mkuki. Ilikuwa thread moto sana.

Hio time Kieleweke hata haikuwa ime form. Nilisema Ruto is going nowhere. Hadi watu wamekasirikia Uhuruto leo walishika moto kwa hio thread. Hio time walikuwa nyuma ya Uhuruto mbaya. :D:D

Na leo ii hii nawaona hapa wakiimba Gathecha this, Gathecha that, Konyagi this, Konyagi that… :D… sijui ameuza nchi… anatudunga…

Like Mutahi Ngunyi said in 2017, Ruto MAY one day be President of Kenya but not using this path he has chosen. He will spend 40 years in the desert looking for the elusive seat.

Whereas had he been the kingpin fighting corruption, he wouldn’t even need tanga tanga or Uhuru. Ingekuwa straight.

But anyway time will tell.

And I often wonder what is the point of wanting to become President of a country if all you want is money. You clearly don’t care about poor people or ending poverty. Hizo sio job uta waste time zikikusumbua kichwa.

Hazikusumbwi kichwa saa hii any way!!

As DP you and your boss don’t care about healthcare at all. Hata hujawai kanyaga Kenyatta ama Pumwani ama Coast general. Hizo ni vitu unaona kwa news.

You have never visited a slum. Or cared about dirty streets or street kids. You don’t care about hawkers either… or jobless youths.

You obviously are not interested in ending hunger. Hata masterplan hauna. You don’t even support your own farmers much, you clobber them any chance you get.

What is the point if all you want are hotels and empires?! Isn’t there an easier way to go about making billions?

After paying at the current market price

Wacha parable za kishenzi hapa. Its just a case of diminished honor amongst thieves. Both sides have been running a train on you and are positioning themselves for another round at your expense. But dummys like you think you can pick a side.

Wote ni wezi, mahasidi wakubwa. But they somehow want us to believe Ruto peke yake ndiye mwizi.


Who fears LootAll… Rudisheni mali ya uma bana… Law must be followed by all

You hit the head to the nail.Tibing…Tibing

Illegally acquired land. Why are we going to M01 days?

Siku hizi unachizi msee