Know you have been vvv busy Dude lately but this chune should help…the beats are awesome…Slippery by Migos…classic


this song is fayaa

Hi mrs Kush. How you doing ma’

so its official now?

Doing v good A.G…pale naona nimechengwa is the fact that I cannot flirt HANAYMORE. :(Boxed kabisa sasa naona nitakaa kama Guru…na hapo kuna some shida in months to come. But all well as long as one of the tadpoles swims to Canaan.

Yes…you missed KYM’s invites and announcements…aiii bana?

Absolutely. Stay winning.

@Freestyle…tweende na huyu kule Naija\Nairaland…we lurve the song hia…Recall the music I sent you a few months back by Black Brits? Tynchy Sryder, Tinie Tempeh, Dizzy Rascal etc…they are Naijos/Ghanains by origin.


hehe na biashara ikaisha hivo

Yes he killed my flirting bizna. Now nobody wants to flirt with me as the man is on the blog 24/7…we both cannot be here as man and wife. Nikienda mahali namkuta and am like ala???:(:(:frowning:

hahaha, you asked for it

@420ninjaNo I did not:D:D:D:D not the case at all. He announced our wedding here and even further addressed my (inboxers who he does not know btw) asking them to stay away as I am now married. It is now that I am feeling the ripples. But as long as we get a child then all v good…have you listened to the 2 songs that I posted?

Hmm good taste.

banana follow you

i like migos better though

Migos is great…I always calm down when I listen to the beats, no matter the stress.


exactly, feel good music

Good one, heard this guy is in a case over his 3 dead buddies he might not be a good one besides his music

What a good way to start a week. thanks for this post