Freelance Writers.

How much should one pay local freelance writers for articles?

300-400 per 500 wprds

I’m here if u need one

anything below $25 per 1000 words ni slave labor…

1 bob per word.

Supply and demand issues. Simple economics. There are too many unemployed people who are educated enough to write decent content. He will be overpaying at anything above Ksh 1 per word. I worked in this industry as a student a few years back so I know.

Whom do you sell the articles to? What do you write about?

It all depends FireOne. There are so many websites that Post tasks/Writing jobs and even Academic assignments. Once you spot one that you can work on, You apply/Bid/ans for that task to be allocated to you, which later you will be paid for through lets say Paypal, Payoneer, Mpesa, etc.

Freelancing is so wide. Besides doing assignments, you can get real world Task/Contracts to work on/maintain a product or project for on behalf of someone. That can include, managing Emails, a YouTube channel, accounts, Programming/Scripting, Survey, Financial Advice, etc.

The field is wide, all you need is to find a site that suits your needs, look it up on to ensure it is not a scam, then start working.
Speaking of Payment, This is a Topic on its on. Even Then, one thing to note is:
[FONT=verdana][SIZE=3]The amount You get paid will greatly be influenced by Your level of expertise.(Number of tasks completed successfully in the past),
Your ability to negotiate for more, and the added advantage of knowing/Learning things Other freelancers ignore. e.g Engineering(AutoCAD, SolidWorks etc), Nursing, Matlab, R, Accounts, Etc.[/SIZE][/FONT]

As You are not the only one biding/ applying for those Tasks/ Orders, you will find Yourself tempted to bid lower so as to increase your chances of getting the job. This is something I would really advice you against, as it can easy negatively impact the quality of Solution provided, as you are likely to feel overworked. a range of 700-1200 Ksh per 1000 words is fairly great depending on the Technicality of the task.

Once you establish, you can raise you rates to even 2000 Ksh per 1000 words (2bob per word) or more, depending on the demand for your skills.
Some sites or clients prefer Per Hour Payment as opposed to per word. But That’s also a story for another Day. :cool:

How much can someone reasonably expect to make per month in this field?

That is totally upto Your Effort Teddy. But if You find a good site and stay focused, you can easily make 3000 ksh per Day as an Individual/ part time Freelancer. You can also make 0 Ksh on a bad day.
Factors for such a variation:

  1. Seasons - For Academic Assignments,(which most freelancer do), the probability of getting a task/order will greatly be influeced by the Semester cycles of majority of the clients/students uploading tasks to Your Chosen Website. That Said, You can make as much as 10K+ per day on peak season. Then when they break for holidays, you might easily go hungry kama hauna other sources.
  2. Unique Skills - The more unique your skills set, the greater the earn. Assuming Your skills have demand to begin with. :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. Tasks Taken- Since FREElancing comes with a lot of freedom, You need SELF-DISCIPLINE. You can easily find yourself lazing around the whole week, or at time overworking yourself by taking Too many tasks, which is exhausting.
    The Number of tasks taken will determine your pay.
    But Hey! The amount per task also does matter. One B[/B] can take a task that pays lets say 4K, and another one B[/B] might prefer taking 8 smaller tasks valued at 500 Ksh each.

    While both A and B will earn 4000 Ksh, A is more likely to get done earlier, hence more free time for them.
    A is dealing with One Client while B is dealing with as many as 8 clients, thus, more likely to get several calls, messages to fix this and that from some of those clients.(Probability).
    However, if the quality of work for A and B is great, then B will get upto 8 recommendations :slight_smile: while A is only getting one. :frowning:
    Treat Clients Well Regardless of the Task’s Word Count, as a recommendation from a 500 Ksh task is as important as that from a 4K Task.
    326 words! That would have costed some 500 Ksh assuming You were a client. :stuck_out_tongue:

thats great buddy!

And they install software to ensure that you are typing during those hours

Not necessarily, some allocate time to you and you type on their platforms, you should click submit work before the time countdown ends. Others allocate you time, you write on word, and submit the file before the time ends. In both cases, you must write a given number of words.

It also all depends on which type of freelancing you are doing. The Main two/Three methods of pricing are: {1.Fixed Price, 2.WordCount and 3.Hourly.}
Method 1 and 2 are closely related and sometimes may mean the same thing. Anyway, here is a quick explanation for each, and application.

1. Fixed Price.
There are times when the client just want’s something delivered, at a fixed price / budget. In most cases, it does not matter how many words or hours you use to deliver the solution. (of course everything has a deadline.).
Note: The “Outside World” mainly work with this method.

2. WordCount
Each word counts. This method builds on Method 1. However, as the client knows the approximate number of words they want, they can then comfortably use the WordCount to estimate the price for that piece of work. How does this build on Method 1? It’s very simple: You cannot just write stuff until you fill a million pages. This is not how you get Rich. As much as the pricing is per word, there is a word limit in most cases. e.g In Not more than 2000 words, describe how you felt when you first …
Conclusion: The Price is Almost Fixed, and the word count is used as a quantification means.
Note: Most Academic Writing utilize this Method. Also, Content writing for blogs make used of WordCount and or Fixed Price.

3. Hourly:
You are paid for the amount of time spent working on the client’s task. In most cases, the Freelancer determines their worth in terms of $/hour. The more experience and success, the more likely to have a greater $/hour.
Note: You may be required to install an application to log your activities. This is to ensure that you are paid for actual work done and not just watching series at the client’s expense.

Method 1 & 2 require not software. But they both have a deadline. They are often a One-Time-Kinda-Jobs
Method 3 on the other hand may not have a deadline. You might be required to be completing a new task/ or maintenance on daily basis. They are often more of a Contract. Services such as customer care / support utilize this.

You Can Check Our for a clear picture of what I’m Talking about.

OPINION: having mentioned Upwork, doesn’t mean I prefer it. In any case, there are so many sites that you stand to get a Task allocated to You than upwork. Even then, checking it out won’t hurt.

Warning: Upwork requires you to submit a proposal when applying for a Task. This Torments many, especially when you are just starting out.
There are sites that don’t operate This way, which make them much friendlier to beginners.
Ask Around. I’m sure You know a friend or a friend who freelances.

Which site?

It depends 250/= for 500 words…meanwhile check iWriter

can you mention some of the sites that have these jobs ( the famous one used to be i-writer unfortunately one can not create a new account