freed advice to dead beat mothers n fathers

The issues being raised here are
very serious. Allow me to offer some
legal advice. Child neglect and
abuse is criminal. It can also be a
ground for civil liability. The
Constitution and the law are clear
on one thing; parental
responsibility is shared equally by
both parents whether or not they
are married to each other. The law
allows the parent who is seized of
the care and custody to file a case
in court or approach the nearest
Children’s Office for orders directed
at the parent who has abandoned
his/her child(ren). To succeed in
this, it is important to have original
documents relating to the child
(ren); birth certificates/notification;
school admission letters or medical
records. Do no fear suing a father/
mother who has neglected a child;
the case is never about you, but
about the child. It is the right of
every child to receive upkeep from
the man and woman who brought
him/her into this world. Thank you

Dead beat is a threat to all men.

kuna watu hawalali safaricom wanafaidika tu…

hahaha mm najificha hope sitapatika