Hi villagers

A week ago I started a small venture and today I was able to set up another outlet… So far so good.

Major challenge I have is an ERP that will manage purchases by raising LPOs, invoice and inventory management…

Currently am using the emerge app but it has limitations for a free user where there’s a limited number of documents I can generate eg LPOs quotations invoices sales order etc… Monthly subscription is 3k and annual is 32k…

It’s a start up, an SME and above charges are not feasible at the moment. If anyone has recommendation for another free or near free online ERP with inventory management capabilities, I will be grateful.

Thanks in advance.

Try Odoo. The overkill will be in implementation though but it’s quite scalable and adaptive to whatever vertical you are working on.

ERP next won’t disappoint

Odoo as well but implementation might be costly

Ukipata kuja nikufanyie implementation

Checkout this

excel spread shit

ERPnext is awesome

Quite pricey for the modules I need.


There’s a community version which is as good as Enterprise. What you have up there is Enterprise version. Dig further.

If you think to emerge app is doing a good job, just pay for it. I think 3K pm is a very fair price for what they offer you. There is never a free option with online. For example if you get Odoo Community version, you still have to host and you will realize that the risks && costs will far outweigh what you will pay with a hosted version → In short, what you think is free you will end up paying for the costs in other ways. 2 cents.

Thanks, x

Trying it out now… So far so good… Will install in the server for other users… Thanks


Ikiiva si unaweza nipatie your friends niwasetie atleast sisi kama software firms tupate kakitu?

True people should cease thinking with this free online stuff mentality… Nothing is really free.