Franky Jimit was lying about being barred from his son's birthday

@Finest wine go to Maureen Waititu YouTube. It’s age restricted I can’t share.

Me I knew it all along because I have seen the kind of pettiness and malice men are capable of. I’ve seen a man visiting his child in school with not even a sweet just to spite the mother, I have seen a man pay fees for his sister’s child while his own sits at home just to spite the mother. I can tell you enough stories about the evils men do to their baby mommas to flex and feel powerful at the children’s and women’s expense. Especially when they have leverage in form of children and this is why I tell women here do not give a man any leverage over you. To hold over your head. Don’t give them your body, don’t give them your money and most of all don’t give them children bcz this ties you to them for eternity. Money and sex you can forget with time bcz thank God created women with minds that forget quickly. Children are forever and the ultimate power and leverage you as a woman can give a man is having his children. Everything else you can escape his stranglehold but kids will be there every day asking for their father. Sometimes I say if it’s a child that you want so bad do what a certain lady did. Panda ndege go to sperm bank chose a good donor on the catalog, get your pointee kids. To send clear message that you will not mess around with these monkeys even as a single mother, you went outside your race. That way you get the ham and bacon without having to deal with the whole hog for the rest of your life.

Ladies listen to what it is that I am saying. Men are not your friends. Men are incarnate and resident evil. Men are pretenders. If you look at Alphabeta channel, you can’t believe that Franky can refuse to go for his son’s birthday then write a sob story on Instagram as if the son reads Instagram to malign the mother of his children.

Let me tell you our society does not love women and does not love children or anyone vulnerable bcz it’s a dog eat dog society built for men and survival for the fittest. When you are a woman you are already at a disadvantage, biologically and socially. Nobody including other women will take your side over a man because of internalized sexism. The same way influential blacks are falling over themselves to support Tramp who is clearly racist. That’s how women are. It happens in all systems of oppression.

Ladies we were not born to suffer. I know God cursed us with men and child birth but suffering is still optional and we can bypass it if we just make smart choices and don’t get carried away by our emotions.

People don’t just say men are bad for no reason. They are capable of making your life hell on earth. The caveat is, it’s you who gives them that power to make your life a living hell. If you close your legs b4 marriage majority of these losers and users will fall off the wagon. If you listen to your intuition majority of the time it will save you from this masochistic relationships.

I’m very sorry for Maureen but let her story be a cautionary tale for those getting kids and having sex outside marriage with the enemy. Btw marriage is also another hell as you can tell if you watch Tuko, Baruthi wa Thayo, Metha ya Kagoni, Red Table Talk, Kikuyu Diaspora MEDIA and Hugura, Oprah but it’s a step above. You as a woman must really look out for yourself bcz you are an underdog and you are disadvantaged in so many ways, I have divorced friends who can’t get a cent of child support, some the exe husband wants to rape them to help his own child financially. That’s men for you, any advantage that they have over you they will take it. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Go watch Alphabeta come back watch things now to understand how deceptive men are. Learn from her. Don’t wait to be her. And don’t put your kids through such psychological torture because you can not control your emotions and they control you. You open your leg to your boyfriend now he has abandoned you and your children. Life is not a joke ladies. I am telling you as a veteran who has survived so many things and seen life more than you. The beginning of all evil in a woman’s life is not having self restraint and logic when dealing with men. You may call me bitter but at least I am not swallowing Arvs, I am spending my money to raise a man’s child who has abandoned me, I am not on antidepressants after psychological torture from the father of my children, I am not in court begging for a man to support his own child, I’m not taking loans for men or feeding, housing and getting them green cards only for them to dump me with kids after they get on their feet. The 2 men I loved in my life died on me and I suffered a lot of pain bcz it’s more painful for a good person to die than to break up with a bad one. After that I closed the chapter of men and I frankly only know problems I hear from other women. Me I don’t know what ulcers are, what antidepressants are, what stds are, what narcissistic abuse is. I’m just in my ivory tower chilling. Meanwhile my married friends even those in old age are still suffering bcz of men. Not even in your old age will a man give you peace of mind.

Maureen Waititu my advice would be please file for sole custody under psychological abuse of your children and yourself. You have all the evidence. Change the boys surname from Frankys to your surname. Get a restraining order. Move on with your life. Don’t reply to anything Franky says about you. Relegate him to a sperm donor. Block him out of your life like he does not exist otherwise you will continue to suffer and so will your kids. 24k a month upkeep and 7k salary for househelps plus 150k fees and a house is not enough compensation for this psychological torture you are going through. Just go and let God help you to provide for your children instead of all this toxicity until you are on antidepressants bcz of a gym instructor yet you are an advocate of the high court. Stop giving this man all this power please. Enough is enough Maureen. Take charge of your life.

Kunguru ni kunguru tuuuu (Ktalk, 2016)

Single mothas like drama alot. Not surprised!!

I did query why Frankie could not send a gift via a friend. I concluded that he is v lazy after watching bits of his blog. He likes chilling at home more than going out to hustle. He also loves freebies.
As for Maureen, I don’t see her giving up the limelight life any time soon.
Bure wote wawili. Poor kids.

I hear Kwamboka has jumped on the band wagon. She’s gone on IG Live to kemea Maureen. She better relax coz she could be next.

Hahaha ati what? hana haya huyo. Not could be next…she will be next. Mr Gymit thinks he is God’s gift to women.
What really put me off about Frankie is the amount of time he spends ‘chilling’. A dad of 3…!!! ‘ati today we are chilling at home watching over our little man after his jabs’…
Whose house do they reside in currently? and Frankie’s Mum should do due diligence and refund Maureen the money used to renovate the house.
Haki if she wants to regain her sanity, she needs to switch off the blogs.

@captain obvious kuja changia udaku

Frankys mum isn’t the issue. You may be surprised she wasn’t even involved as such. Franky has mama’s boys issues right now he is living in Kwambokas house wait till the honeymoon is over and she realises he’s a slay king who brings nothing to the table but designer babies, Kwamboka atalipuka. Hujui wakisii wewe. She’s another drama queen. Not mature like Maureen. All their dirty laundry will be put out there as Kwambokas moves on with sponyos.

I think Maureen should file for sole custody. No longer engage Franky and Kwamboka online. Kila mtu alee watoto wake. If I know Kwamboka, Franky has no money left for upkeep of his 2 boys with Maureen. Jamaa Hana future. He’s a desperado and also his mom is old and doesn’t have much money to sustain Franky plus 3 grandchildren. Maureen ajitoe tuu from this sinking ship completely and next time avoid slay kings who have nothing to show but nose rings and triceps. She got carried away and never assessed this guy’s ability to provide long term.