Francophone Arab African country


An “English” speaking African country

Why are Kenyans so poor in English?

Check the rankings and slap yourself.

Which Kenyans ?

Is colonization something to be proud of.

Please don’t assume and ask for an elaboration instead of making up skewed assumptions.

No! no one same mind should take pride in colonisation, in fact you missing the point.

My question is, why does Kenya pride it’s self with having English as an official language, yet if you compare other non English speakers, most notably, Rwanda, Moroc, Algerié, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, Slovenia, Sweden, Germans even some of these macho ndogo in githurai…their vocabulary might not be that good, but their spoken English is better than we, an "English speaking country.
This also extends to Kiswahili and our own tongues.
When the former French ambassodor came to Kenya, his Kiswahili was better than a good chunk of Kenyans.
What does that say about the quality of education in the country?