Francis Atwoli Rd sign on fire!!!!

Wanaume wanapatia huyo mzee blood pressure bane. I thought he had CCTV and some tight security at that sign? Lakini wakenya nani. Wamecheza kama wao. People hate the old fart. Lol.[ATTACH=full]369647[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]369647[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]369649[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]369650[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]369651[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]369651[/ATTACH]

Kenyans ought to start worrying on things and issues that matter.

It’s just a stupid sign…that will be fixed again using tax payers money. That energy should be channeled to other productive activities.

Revolutions start as pickets against mundane things or specific causes then morph into uncontrollable protests.

I’m not saying there will be a revolution but the ruling class usually never sees it coming.

Let them protest in any way they can. When Kenyans don’t take to the streets you complain, when they take action you still complain…what do you guys want?

What happened to the guards he had put there?

revolutions :D:D:D

Kenya is a complex society, revolution happens in societies where social classes are well defined, e.g the owners of capital or those who control it, vs the workers.
Go to any major urban centers, and every other person claims to be a business person/investor, hata hapa kwa kijiji, kila mtu ni billionaire apart from @BBIsiMuhimu.
The above makes it difficult for us as Kenyans to address our plight, instead, we use challenges afflicting us to flex our financial muscle.

Revolution is coming



Villagers are crying for revolution. Now its the time. Wapi General wetu Migush atuonyeshe njia?

Kes 300 per day, soda and bread for lunch wasn’t worth it.

Munaweza sema ni revolution na labda ni thugs wamekombolewa na some political rival…either way burn that chieth.

Let’s learn to disagree amicably. Hata kama una gripe gani na mzae mpe heshima zake he’s old enough to be your grandfather.

Sasa huyo mzee amekua akiwakilisha sisi kule ulaya kwa miaka na mikaka na this is how you choose to repay him? By desecrating his the recognition of his life’s work… Maybe we should stop with the petty jealousy and work towards being outstanding citizens maybe we can get an alley in our hometown named after your family name

Bottomline respect your elders

What’s there to respect about that nigga Atwoli? Fuck Atwoli lkn watu wa revolutions have it backwards kwa hii thread.

Chuma resists fire

We came there at night and found him dead asleep, we gave him two options, to run for his dear life or we lynch him, he took the first option.

But not the paint


Jirani would have asked him you want it the easy way or the hard way.