France vs Germany prediction

Wadau leo usiku 9:45 ni Germany vs France what are your scores predictions.
I predict France 3- Germany 0

What’s the purpose of this Nations League?
And won’t it dilute other European championships?

Germany have been on a slump lately, hope they are beaten and fire Joachim Low.

over 2.5

yeah German form iko down

Even I do not understand this.

Why would you want him fired?

Ozil is why.

Kuna passengers wengi kwa team who don’t deserve to start. Like Mueller, Neuer, Kroos etc.

hapo kwa muller umekosea. he is a beast.

Na saa hiyo kuna Ter stegen kwa bench.

Betting is shiit

He doesn’t deserve to be in first 11. He was even shit in Russia.

Kwanza hakufunga or provide assist.

talk of what he has done for germany and bayern munchin


Jarateng ndio mzigo hebu angalia vile Bayern Muchene wanagotwa bundesliga.