France is currently at 45.1°C

Some 15,000 people in France died when temperatures hit similar heights in August 2003.
Kama August is their hottest month na temperatures zishafika 45.1°C in late June I believe zitafika 48°C by late July. Immigrants who cannot afford air-conditioning in their homes will suffer and the least fit (children and elderly) will die in huge numbers.

One of my customers in Europe was complaining about this heatwave… looks like ni kubaya

Met says Nairobi weather to go as low as 10ºC - Standard Digital News -

Ni kubaya

I’m enjoying outdoors. Can’t complain.[ATTACH=full]245278[/ATTACH]


Ni job gani ziko hizo pande Chief nikuwa na title immigrant

True…was in Montpellier last week, very warm…not hot but warm…sunset at 10pm.

I have worked in 50 degrees but you had to put on sunglasses n you couldn’t walk a distance of less than 100 meters in the open

If they are Africans… Well that is already home…forte fai kwa mwafrica with good melamine storage… Will survive it like the White snow Bear.

Master race wanaona muoto, literally. Wacha wafe wajue global warning imefika.

Eish…si you guys have travelled bana

Interesting Story for all

Nairobi has a climate fit for kings and queens. The highest recorded temperature in Nairobi is 35°C. The lowest recorded temperature in Nairobi is 4.4°C.
Uliona Michael Ranneberger na Michael Joseph hawataki kurudi kwao citing the great weather we have.




Especially Nairobi. At about 1.7kms above sea level, its one of the highest capitals in the world. I think iko number 10.

I wouldnt wanna live anywhere else.

:oops::eek: na vile kuna Kenyan workers wengi huko.

Hiyo ya melting car parts and street lights ni porojo tu… Nothing at such
Lakini hiyo joto man…

Global warming is going to be a beast.
Societies are going to have to be nocturnal and start living underground like our 1st evolutionary ancestors.

We’ve worked outside at midday in 54° weather without breaking a sweat, saa hizo unaitisha chai moto kabisa. Hao wazungu ni pussies tuu.