FOUR PEOPLE found murdered in Riverside, Ruaraka

FOUR PEOPLE found murdered in Riverside, Ruaraka;Violence reported outering road kariobangi Huruma , allsopps…keep off that side till when advised so. Cars windscreens being smashed.

What now? and the ruling has not been done yet

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Tungojee kesho ruling, forward bus avengers ama

You destroy businesses because some old geezer wants to be president despite having been rejected 5 times, they will retaliate.
It’s a bad vicious cycle but this is because Raila has refused to abide by the constitution.

Unfortunately we’re the pawns.

Si gsu wako hapo tu opposite. Smh


wanasema ni 6 bodies shot by unkown assailants, residents are blaming the police

heri tuachane roho safi…

seen the pics on FB one woman included, looks like a mama mboga

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This is happening now???

Provoke provoke then cry victimization. What theydon’t understand is that when aladwa said for the rat to be pork people must die, he meant their own people being sacrificed. Lakini hapati ata slice. No rewarding rapist anarchist. The mpesa lady’s saga is disturbing. Then to hear kony praise his slum soldiers for work well done…good thing is most of the thugs were captured doing their heinous crime-including stabbing for bananas- and one by one each will pay.

Aluta contunua.

From Jubilee MKZ wing[ATTACH=full]140048[/ATTACH]

i will wait for the poice report. though NRM has the habit of using old images and recycling them as current news.

labda walipanda zile nisso za allsoaps late in the night wakajipata pabaya

weka "deeply concerned thread " @Meria Mata

Mungichs are very annoyed that their businesses were destroyed. Now Mungichs, imagine how people in Kisumu feel after the police shoot and kill protesters. How do their family members cope? Heri yako unachomewa biashara, you can recover over time, imagine when a breadwinner is killed, death is so final. Who feels know it, now the Mungichs have started feeling it…

And this whole thing boils down the incompetence and carelessness of the man at the top. During 7/7 Raila came back from abroad and we didn’t have this stupidity we are experiencing now. He held a rally at UP and we forgot about it. Same thing should have happened when he came back this time too. You have to understand that there are people who feel disenfranchised in this country. You don’t teargas and stone his convoy for absolutely no reason, that only increases the emotions among his followers. It’s like Uhuru is trying to do to Raila what he did to Joho, make him more popular. Bure

:smiley: utakujiwa na Ma KO