Four Kenyans nominated to be IEBC commissioners


We want an IEBC with a national outlook. Only 4 communities represented. We should have 47 commissioners.

Utawalipa the 43

Ndio mkiua mmoja, tunabaki na wengine 46 wa kufungua server

Hujajibu swali

Abba saa zingine wewe huwa slow. I was being sarcastic

:D:D:D ok sawa got it mzito

Hiyo ni nini?

@kah tony just when you thought I was slow ona huty sasa

I watched the interviews and these four were not the toughest contenders.

What the 4 have in common is that they seem like individuals who can easily be manipulated.

There was this guy Richard oduor, he really impressed

mbona wasomali wawili wako kwa IEBC

Regional balance