Foster families,group homes adoption and Coparenting

All I will say is that as modern as we are God knew what He was doing by requiring kids to be raised by their married parents. Kids are traumatized when they do not have this type of family.


As a former foster child, foster parent, CASA, placement stabilization therapist (prevent kids from going to foster care, or prevent disrupted adoptions, and relative caregiver (like a foster parent but not certified any.ore with a relatives child), I know a lot about foster care. I’ve seen children in horrible foster care homes. I’ve seen adoptive parents that are way over their heads with extreme behavior.
The issue is the foster care can traumatize children as much or even more then what’s happening at home. Children have developmental trauma. This is hard and the children do not respond to common parenting ideals. Parenting a child with trauma requires extreme patience and different skills. It would require on going professional support and respite. Parents who adopt don’t usually get this. Love doesn’t fix the trauma.
The foster care system needs help. We continue to see children adopted by at the time well meaning people.who are pushed over the edge. This is no excuse for abuse at all. I hope that if the adoptive parents are guilty that the system can be looked at and this prevented. Education, respite, and on going support is a mandatory need and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Also I know that sometimes people are just evil and can fool others into thinking they are not. As a former foster child I’ve been in horrible homes that I have been abused in. No one believes you and you are labeled a liar.

All I know from what I have seen in my short parenting life…kids should be raised by the people who jumped into bed and bore them. Unfortunately we have real parents killing their kids tuu. And which is why we should respect those that don’t want to have kids even if they are married.
Foster homes and carers in the West is vvv big bizna. This folk sit at home raising kids who they don’t really care about because they are being paid a huge allowance.
It is difficult to understand them and since most psychos reside in America, hii mambo utafollow until thy kingdom. Just don’t go in too deep. America is huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge.

Its not huge enough for my appetite for crime. Kwanzaa disappearance of children. Have you seen the trending story of an adopted 3 and 4 yr old who disappeared play in the backyard? Nakwambia the best person to leave your kid with is me bcz even if we are indoors I don’t let them out of my sight these stories have made me suspicious of every one and very paranoid. Do you know at any given time in US there 90k people missing? Including adults. There are serious human trafficking syndicates, serial killers, pedophiles. A very dangerous place to live.

That is how parenting in the West should be. Small kids should never be left unattended, ever. That is how I know it. Because even if they fall and bruise themselves you are held accountable when they go to school and you are supposed to record that injury in school. Likewise the school gives you a note about an injury at the CoP. They also start walking home from school in high school.

The background checks on those foster carers was not done properly. Is all I can say.