Formula 1: Follow It Here


Results ya women world cup banae…

Max anafagia big boys bila huruma

naona akichukua

[SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]JOS VERSTAPPEN!![/SIZE]

Uliza dadako.

Now this


lets wait. Lakini bado angempita tuu next lap

Magufuli - trying to pump up the Taifa Stars -held a rambling speech the other day about population and performance in sports. He falsely claimed that there is a correlation between the number of inhabitants and available sportsmen and women. TZ should therefore have beaten Kenya.

Now the question arises: how do the Dutchies with their 17 million odd inhabitants get to the highest echelons? They are in the semi-final of the FIFA Women’s World Cup with a ticket to the 2020 Olympics. Now a young F1 pilot has just pulled out a stellar performance in the last stages of the GP with a car that cannot be compared to Mercedes and Ferrari in terms of financing and technology. Great job!

The excitement is back, from P7 to P1.


Hamilton/Mercedes haters can now enjoy the rest of the races.

Honda wanatwanga Mercedes na Ferrari, niliona pia Toyota yaris aka vitz competing in the world rally championship

Hehe. Wengi wao ni ma ferrari fanboys

Msito Toyota Yaris ndio vitz ama ni mistaken identity.

Yaris = Vitz

Built on the same platform I guess, it’s just that the Yaris is for a different market other than the JDM.