Former MCA shoots wife dead, fatally turns gun on himself

The femicide continues. The former MCA Isukha kills his second wife leaving their 3 kids orphaned.

ya ule mama aliuwa bwana na watoto roysambu sikuona mkizungumzia sana but isoryt

Makena still blamed the murdered husband.


But who else is to blame? First off that man was a drunkard. She would beat him when he would come home dead drunk with no money and proceed to chew a blackout. Do you think a woman can kill her children just like that? Its the man who frustrated her until she become angry and then depressed and then homicidal and suicidal.

All these women you hear have removed transformers and gone on to kill the kids and the husband its always that the husband is a drunkard but he cant provide for his family. Women need to wise up and stop marrying losers because it always ends badly. Either the woman is forced to prostitute herself to feed her kids, which like in the case of this former MCA leads to the man killing you for being unfaithful after the man has abandoned you to take care of 3 kids by yourself and your boss is helping you raise that man’s kids or she is in such despair she ends up killing herself and her kids to save them from a life of suffering. Women please do not start anything you cant finish. Its better that you have one child and fend for that one child than have a useless ‘husband’ who gives you children in plenty but cant financially support those kids forcing you to become desperate and sell yourself to other men to fend for his children or for you to be too frustrated that you end up killing your kids and yourself. An MCA who marries a second wife after abandoning his first family is obviously a dangerous person. Ladies please wise up and learn from these stories. Men kama pesa imeisha please allow your wife do what she has to do to feed your kids. Wacha ulishiwe bibi na ulelewe watoto since all the world expects from you as a man is to provide for your family and even that one duty you cant manage. Accept you are a waste of a man.

Shoka zitazidi kutembea na si tafadhali :D:D:D:D:D

Makena na propaganda ashasema the guy was a drunkard and used to beat his wife. Ata ile time ya Kori kuna story bonoko ya spa tuliletewa hapa, so hata hii naelewa :D:D

Who cares? One less mouth on the welfare.

The MCA and his wife left two children. Two - whose upkeep was catered for by their parents, or at least one parent, as you’d have us believe.

And here you are saying one less mouth on the welfare?