Formal apology from administrator and ksh 20,000 fine paid to Makonika pending discussion from senior elders.

Having read on the previous threads @Makonika has been seriously wronged. This issue needs and African solution.

I suggest we do this the waria fashion. You have grossly violated jakipashs privacy and the village fines you ksh 20,000 to put matters to bed. The very least you could do is give @Makonika some few days to lick his wounds while he sniffs on some oil. If you don’t pay up in 3 days we will do a mass exodus from the site. That’s how it’s gonna be.

Comrade, ni wewe uli ng’oa ama ni admin ali ng’oa ile ingine?:smiley:

We’ve come to an understanding with him, cheza chini.

what a lonely monologue…unajichapia?


You forgot to change the IP address…:smiley:

Alisahau vpn.Morocco inauliza SA inajibu.

@Notapeoplesguy juzi tu watu walikuwa wanakutetea urudi ktalk after being banned forever…why did you come back?..your life must suck manze…DESPERATE PEASANT DETECTED

Am a peasant for engaging in ktalk? What does that make you?

What are you guys talking about?