Form tukule pesa Brave (I'm back)

Hello Ninjas, Friends, haters I back… i know most of you dont like me being here but yes ndio nimefika.

Form tukule pesa kama kawaida nimewaletea form tuunde pesa sote.

Here is how it goes.

Join and install brave browser through this link nothing suspicious inakuredict uinstall from playstore.

brave is an alternate to chrome but it values your privacy… It block ads, trackers and many more hidden activites when you browse.

After installing brave browser you can delete or disable chrome and use brave full time…

The earning part…
Brave pays you 5$-7$ for every person who downloads, installs and uses brave for a minimum of 30 days.

You invite 10 people you earn 50-70$ monthly. You also receive 5-15$ every month to tip your best youtube channels or websites which are registered with brave

To ear from refferals You must have Any of this youtube channel, Twitter account, Website or twitch .

Copy and paste on your brave, follow instructions link your twitter and in 5 minutes you get your refferal link and thats it…

Ku invite msee sio ngumu… you just guide him after he installs you show him how he can earn also and yes you both benefit. And yes unaeza jinstallia to as many devices as you want through your link .

Payment is every Month through BAT cryptocurrency [ATTACH=full]242700[/ATTACH]which will be paid on your Uphold account.

Those who have doubts you can google about brave and BAT tokens.

Contact @RasmoatKe_bot on telegram for more info.

Watu wenu na Kijiji yote natumai they are all earning

Yah tunashkuru sana…

Ile ukora ingine watu walikua wana like to earn only not to earn ni gani?

[ATTACH=full]242718[/ATTACH][FONT=courier new][SIZE=1]this nigger here[/SIZE][/FONT]

Sitaki ukora.

Wacha nikuambie vile matiangi aliambiwa…
Ur all hardware with no software

Hio pesa ni kidogo saaaana. Doesn’t make sense to us birrioneas!

@Ras-Moat msito ulitoka [SIZE=7]INDA lini.[/SIZE]

@denis young alishatuchanua

Pubic likes?

Hehe…the funny thing huyu msee ndiye alikuwa anatushow mambo ya bitcoin when it was less than 300 na watu wakasema ni scam…

Lakini ndiye alituletea public li(k)es pia. :D:D:D

ni sawa hakuna shida unaeza assume haujaona hii thread

Public likes i never forced anyone… Infact most people joined but they heard the news else where thats what made them to upgrade… Na kama pesa ya mtu ilienda ni ufala wao wakungoja proofs and screenshots wengine wakisogea

I forgot tu mention hio ni ya watu walienda shule na wanajua kureason… i thought you should know