Forgive me...


Forgive me father for I have sinned;

It’s been a while since I set foot in a confession box so bear with me if I seem a bit rusty.

I have let my heart be consumed by the black sin that is sloth, in the office I have taken to an indifference in my execution of my duties.

I have let my mind slide into the soothing embrace of procrastination, and this isn’t a first nor I fear the last time I’m seduced.

As such my lackluster approach is an expense stakeholders in my line of work can do without.

I seek the drive Thomas Shelby possesses and the wit of Hermione Granger as opposed to Garfield’s & Patrick [SpongeBob] respectively.

And I’m here for a sorely needed lesson.

Confucius says without the knowing of the power of words it is impossible to know more, so I understand a church confession is a private affair.

Yet the anonymity of Ktalk and a certain degree of vagueness have their practical uses, so I pray you’ll indulge my unconventional way.

Thank you

Take a step further by going to church tomorrow to repeat this confession face to face with @Liberty


You woke up at 5:06 am for that?


Things must be thick huko ulienda. The word church coming out of your mouth???


Gatwiri niaye, si ucum inborks hivi kiasss

Matendechere no thanks Sitaki mapepo. Kwani majuu imekuskumaje? Umetulia sana. Huna time ya kupea watu ball siku hizi? Rudi kwa Mungu b4 Corona ikuwahi. With your HIV you won’t last even the 14 days incubation period.

Imenisukuma sana Gatwiri. Hata tule tungoko underage nilikuwa natukula Nai huku sigwes jaribu banae