Forget NASA, Jubilee and Go Third Party

There are people who claim that the way things are run in Kenya has denied some communities the chance to produce a president. Some have even gone further and suggested that parts of Kenya should secede.

But is it really true that only 2 tribes produce presidents because the system favours them? Some have said it is the constitution that favours some communities over others. So we changed the constitution in 2010. Nothing much changed.

And for those who talk about secession, I explained in another article how the regions that voted for NASA are not contiguous. Furthermore, in a place like Migori, the Kuria are seriously lobbying for their own county, and are pro-JP, and therefore pro-One Kenya.

But I believe a 3rd force, a nationalist force not necessarily led by any of the big tribes, can emerge and be victorious in presidential elections.

To avoid people asking for summary, I have explained how this 3rd force can be formed, how it can be nurtured, and the steps needed for it to emerge victorious - and have created a page just to explain that. I have used a generic blogging platform because I do not want to host the files.

I decided to write the article because I have read posts here from people who genuinely complain about our political situation, but then go ahead to give reasons about why we are in the current state that I believe are erroneous. They also offer alternatives that I think are ridiculous.

How To Overcome NASA, Jubilee Dominance in Kenya Politics


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I only included a link because of the leta summary battalion :slight_smile:


The Constitution changed but not too much changed because of one reason. The new constitution focused mainly on administrative procedure more than it did embrace the cultures and diversity in the country.
I believe after this election, a smaller tribe will have a realistic chance.

I think its possible. There are people who support Raila because they think he could bring ‘change’ to the country. Now, Raila has zero chance of becoming president. So people who claim they want change will have to figure out another way to attempt to bring the change. Else, let Jubilee rule for the next 100 years. Personally, I don’t have any problem with that.

My view is that the problem is not the constitution. The problem is how those who claim to want change have been going about their politics. That is the gist of my article.

the bulk of us need to know and understand the change they want and crave. as we stand, change to most of us means removing their man and installing ours…the redefining of what we need is like our 40 years in the desert and we must live them…in the meantime we weigh the two bad choices every five years and go with the less painful of the two…

Aukot is on the ballot with the 3rd force, alliance or whatever it is. Start from there.

I understand many people see it that way: Am voting so the person I support becomes the president, or continues to be president. For instance, most Luos support Raila because he is a Luo. Same case with Uhuruto.

But am addressing those who vote for either parties because of other reasons. For instance, most people at the coast voted NASA, and it couldn’t be because of his tribe.

In my case I support Uhuruto because, like I explained previously, I see them as standing for Kenya remaining an independent state, while if nasa won, then Kenya would become a colony of soros & co, and we would eventually collapse as a state and become like Somalia. That is why, for me, if the vote was close, I would have hoped Jubilee could find a way to stuff the ballots.

Having said that, I feel that if people who claim they want change, actually formed one inclusive party, so that we would have a choice between Jubilee and that party, things would be good for everyone. As things stand, the core Jubilee and NASA supporters could even have health problems because of stress.

Actually I have covered this in my long article. I have stated that the party must be a ‘team party’, not a one man or two man/woman show.

The best Governor over two terms can very easily become President. Great track records and evidence and there’s a high likelihood of winning. For example socialite Mutua had inertia with all the pomp there’s only one way from the Governors seat if he plays it right. UP!

Can there be a Mutua Ruto administration juu hapo najua itakuwa kazi tu.

Hata aweke mbwa kama running mate, mimi ni Team Ruto’22

I think Ruto will have an easy time in 2022 regardless of his running mate. I don’t see nasa surviving that long. And even if it does, they got no chance of winning in 2022. The only serious challenge he could get is if there was a totally new party formed along the lines I have suggested in my original article. I hope such a party will be formed because every govt in a democracy needs serious focused opposition to keep them on their toes.

btw, like most JP supporters, I see Ruto as a hero, because if it were not for him, UK wouldn’t have the numbers. nasa would have won, and Kenya would have gone to the dogs. That’s why he will be a shoo-in in 2022.

Reminds me of the ward in Murang’a that deliberately voted for a dead man as councillor. Hii siasa ya Kenya!

You have a good dream my brother. That is ideally the Kenya we want. In fact, your article clearly outlines a perfect society probably run by perfect humanoids. If we achieve that, I can assure you that in 5 years time Kenya will be launching Rockets to the moon. However, we are just humans. We have emotions and sometimes funny emotions. Explain to me why you vote a bad leader simply because they are your tribesmen? Perhaps we, Africans, always have a trivial way of analysing issues. We never have a big goal. Our goals are small and myopic.
A small tribe will rule this country but only when we will have undergone full metamorphosis of civilization. It’s gonna take quite some time!

The problem is hardly tribal, a few elites grab power and with it share out national resources in the form of dishing out government contracts to their cronies, families, hatchet men and the likes. At a national level, the problem is seen as tribal while at the tribe level it mutates to clan and eventually nepotism at the clan level. Until we divorce control of resources from political leadership, our problems (read corruption) will continue to exist no matter who is elected to lead.

I think it’s possible to have a new strong party that is very different from what we have now. Sometimes, doing things differently can excite people, and they can support you if they see you as a person/team that could bring positive change. Just look at the new MP for Igembe South, John Paul Mwirigi. Reports say he’s either 22, 23, or 24, i.e. quite young. He used to do jobs that only earned him the minimum wage, and during campaigns he had to use boda boda because he had no car. He also didn’t have money for billboards, to create ads etc. And he didn’t have a party machinery behind him - he ran as an independent candidate.

I don’t know the exact story behind his win, but I assume the buzz created by him being different from the politicians the voters were used to definitely didn’t hurt his campaign. In my article, I wrote about doing things differently when it comes to running political parties, in order to create a buzz.

I hope that in 20 years time, we will have matured politically so that we would have 2-3 main political parties that will all have national support, and be issue based. For instance, one party could have in its manifesto a plan to start something similar to NYS, but only for jobless science/engineering/IT graduates where they can be paid a stipend and given an opportunity to work for government to gain practical skills. I thought about this after reading about a talker here saying he has an IT degree and couldn’t get a job. I also read about a lady from Pokot who has been unemployed for years, even though she is a Biochem graduate. For a science/engineering/IT graduate to stay home for 5 years after graduation, that is massive waste of human resources.

Currently such important issues cannot be solved because of the bickering among our political class. That is why I have such a big problem with nasa and sections of the civil society for sabotaging everything positive being done by GoK. It is the reason I support formation of a truly national political party that, in the initial stages when in opposition, will support good govt projects, and only oppose bad projects.