forget cyprian

This is for the bitter feminists out there like @GeorginaMakena

No man is stingy. Either he’s broke or your not worth being spent on…i guess the latter applies to @GeorginaMakena

@Stinger siku hizo uko idle sana.

Meffi @Stingy

Mimi nywele niliapa sitawai lipia kubaf ya mtu. U put on a wig worth 3k after 1week ushaitoa eti inawasha…ask me to buy u all the shoes in the market lkn nywele never.fanya kazi uwekee na pesa yako…
Who said when woman sneaks into a man’s life she has to spend his money…my policy is I’ll buy everything in the house lkn usiniitishe pesa ata kidogo wee si kiwete Fanya kazi braare.

If it’s your wife ama mnaishi na yeye buy her what she needs as long as it’s reasonable. Usikuje hapa kulia badaye because your mbich surrendered the coomer to another nigga in order to obtain essentials.

Who talked about stinginess now? I said the man is ugly n broke n thats why he is bitter with slay queens. I know you have brain damage but I have a reach husband. Who since we married gave me a card to swipe with no limit. These small men problems I cunt relate. Don’t disturb me am enjoying my Jamuhuri Day at an exclusive lodge.

And btw Ive noticed that the brokasses like u n Nyakundi are always the ones complaining abt women being after their money? Which money? You’re as broke ass a mouse. Have you heard Karauri wa Sportspesa akisema slay queens are after his fortune? Why? Bcz hatawaje wote hawawes maliza but you here with your 3k ndio unajidai. Oh you’re not worthy of my 3k. Shindwe pepo ya ufukara!

If she surrenders the goodies in order to obtain essential then she’s not worth to be called my woman. . That is the lamest excuse a woman can use only whores part their legs to get what they want.she has no standard and no morals.


Well said…let em whores like @GeorginaMakena continue talking trash…you will remain bitter the rest of your life

Yet you dont give him head…? there is a girl out there who sucks that d like she is diabetic…and the d has insulin…take that to the bank.

we dont need your homosexual stale jokes

I have a strong feeling @GeorginaMakena is some ugly, desperate looking ghetto girl with cheap standards hiding them infront of a smartphone screen pretending that she’s got it.

YOU ARE A THIEF! Unajiongelesha tuuuuuuuu! No one will take the opinion of a robber seriously especially on relationships.

Inbox madam mboss!

The best decision i ever made on K-talk was blocking her and never having to read her stuff ever again

How comes I’ve never blocked you? Unakaa kukuwa blocked. Anyway, shikilia tuu hapo…BLOCKED! Now go look4 someone else to insult.

@leon ako na umama excess