Forget about his sex scandals something good can come out of mustapha..

After shocking his fans with
revelations that he has slept with
over 20 women since breaking up
with singer Marya, popular Kenyan
rapper, Colonel Mustapha, has
come back to his senses and
confirmed that he has gone back
to school to study for a Bachelors
degree in Business Management.
Speaking during a recent media
interview, the Loboko hit maker
stated that he would like the
media to highlight his education
story instead of concentrating on
his failed relationships.
Mustapha, who claimed that he
has been in school for the last
three months, revealed that he
chose to study business
management as the degree would
help him grow his music career.
“I began classes at Mt Kenya
University, Thika Campus more
than three months ago. I’m
studying for a degree in Business
Management cause it is crucial in
developing my career to greater
heights" He said.
Mustapha also clarified that he
does not use s3x enhancement
drugs as alleged by his ex-lover.
While responding to allegations
levelled against him by one of his
ex-girlfriends that he uses vi@gr@,
the skilled rapper disclosed that
the lady made the allegations as a
way of catching his attention after
he dumped her.
"She was bitter when I dumped her
and she chose to hit back at me
through such wild allegation .” He
Mustapha further added that he
is now looking for a serious lady
to settle with as he is tired of
hopping from one relationship to

this shit is just for media…