Forex Trading

This guy tells the painful truth that many won’t tell you. Watch, enjoy:

Tuwatch izi video zote? Weka summary

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asande…by the way enlight me about orderflow in forex if uko na know how.

It is not a tricky concept, but it needs supporting knowledge.
You are conversant with confluence zones, psychological handles and round figure support and resistance zones?
Now what happens, the said zones become boundaries between bulls and bears. Normally huge institutional orders lie in the zones awaiting liquidity (hence the name). It normally isn’t easy for an hedge fund to switch $Million-$Billion trading positions from bull to bear or reverse without causing movement in their disadvantage, so they rely on orders well placed within those boundaries.
Your work is to research the most likely (remember probability) move. This can be an alignment in both fundamental and technical analysis…

Thanks. Do You Any Pdf In Regard To This Topic?