Forex Trading: Where is the catch?

I have received this email from somebody I don’t know. The offer sounds too good, meaning there must be a catch. My basic instinct tells me to get the 50$v and run with it. Saindieni.
Hi.Forex trading is just like investing in shares but the returns on forex are much bigger since price goes up allot.what am offering you is to test out forex trading investment without risking your finances inconjunction with the forex broker i trade with.Here’s how you will start.You will open the forex account online .you can register it even in a cybercafe it only takes 5 minutes.
Then you will need to verify it. Once verified the account will be funded by the broker.the forex broker is funding it with $50.00.its with this funded forex account that i will trade forex for you and you will be able to see forex trading profitability.I will take a commission of 20% from the available profit.When you withdraw your money and it reflects in your bank account then you can mpesa me the comission.
NOTE,any profit made from this forex account is withdrawable to your bank account.the link to open the forex account is below.If you have any more questions i will gladly answer them.Am sure by now you will agree its the safest,risk-free and best way to start your forex investment.


its called spam mail for a reason

indeed you need to learn how Forex works before you rape yourself. I’ll be back with full hekaya

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ikiwa its not your profession, then its the same as gambling

There was a forex guy on klist nimesahau

the guy who wrote that email just knows the right words to tell you utoboke ngwanyes

utanyolewa fudhi bila maji


Me tells you to go there. Ndio upate a proper beating.
Forex isnt for people looking to earn an a regular income. It is for long term speculation.

Kama una pesa ya kutajirisha watu endelea

$50 multiply by 1 million people is what that guy is making

If you guys read the email, it says someone will put $50 into my account and the emailer trades with the money. Thus, an not putting anything. Where is the risk?

teach yourself pole pole, unaeza anza na kupeleka 5K kwa a brick and motar bureau and converting it to Japanese yen,then wait for the yen to depreciate since abenomics (Shinzo Abe) have made the currency gain some ground, when it depreciates sell them and gain a few kshs. with time you will graduate to the online trader.

Iyo 50 $ afathali uweke kwa sportpesa and bank on a mix parlay of Barcelona, Chelsea & Bayern


do you want to be part of a money laundering scheme? allowing someone you don’t know to use your account? when shit hits the fan u will be left holding the chips

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$50 ndio mahindi ya kutkut. also think money laundering he gives his dirty cash then takes it back from you


do you know how deal with rats??? you give them small consistent meals. Those rats that eat go and tell other rats of free delicious food and the next time they come in doves. after awhile zimezoea eating too much ya food ya bure, even expecting and waiting you to put food there…And thats when you put the rat poison

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Enlighten me pls on how money laundering is done.

As in when the guy puts some dirty $100 into my account claiming it is profit from forex, then I Mpesa him $20, is that how it is done? And isn’t he losing a significant portion of his dirty money? Coz if thats the case, then i dont mind.

To start with. Akiweka 100 $ withdraw it and mpesa him 20 $. Otherwise hiyo 100 $ is virtual money.

problem is you think rhat $50 is the only investment in the deal. you wont be expected to sit there and trade with rhat cash till kingdom come that’s why I called it the kutkut. that is to start you off and build trust call it seed capital if you will. Down the road you will be shown how the deal is good and that now you need to invest more or could they now use your acct to move some bigger loot or they do it without your consent afterall they know your acct no and the bank is now used to seeing dollars from that source so when they move 800k in and out of your acct the bank wont be quick to flag it.

the catch is that it is a scam.
an international quail it shafts men proper.
it is addictive than third generation brews.
ask dennis young from klist.
you make money for men esp brokers.
but if you insist goodluck.
i hear a wise man and his money have an orgy every night