foreigner caught with 110m

A Bahraini national was on Thursday night detained at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport after he was found carrying at least Sh107 million in US dollars as he tried to fly to his country.

Khalid Jameel Saeed was carrying the money in bags from Nairobi when he was stopped as he tried to board an Egyptian airline headed to Manama.

Officials at the airport said based on intelligence shared by Financial Report Centre (FRC), the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Customs and Border Control staff at JKIA Passenger Terminals intercepted the male passenger.

He was intending to take a flight to Bahrain through Egyptian Airlines and was carrying USD 975,000 cash which is about Sh11o million at an exchange rate of Sh113.

The alert was that the passenger had earlier made several attempts to deposit the currency in a bank but had failed. He then decided to walk with the money to the passenger terminal in an effort to leave.

He was questioned and told officials that he did a job in Nairobi and was paid in cash.

Saeed was freed on Friday but his money was held as officials investigate the source and motive. Police at the airport said they will issue a further statement later.

KRA officials said the matter is now being handled by different agencies.

Officials at the airport usually recover many valuables from passengers intending to travel.

The valuables include cash and ornaments.

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Nashuku 200m was recovered

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Airports huwa na rules like any cash you are carrying above USD 10k or 5k you have to declare.

But in reality, the government can seize your money and hold investigations for the next ten years. it’s called criminal forfeiture

As he tried to board…
How did he even get through the security scan with all that cash? Anyway, he gets Darwin’s Award and there is a new millionaire in town. That “evidence” will disappear really quick.

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