Forehead sato!

Huyu headgal hapa ako yuu …


big forehead = big stupidity

Ongeza mbisha retina iwe safi


She looks like she is holding in a fart.

Kanono that’s body shaming and miss blonde is totally against it.

Hiyo dashboard imeweza


Am bald and proud

Not body shaming but just appreciating God’s creation

ulimwaga follicles zote SJ?

Ango you are above 50 kama mzee Abba. Mlisoma na ile mofo ya A- ya 94

Bald men below 50 years are the most virile and fertile research has shown

:D:D:D:D:D:D saitan

Hiii ni Lanye ya tagged kanono

Hapana Mimi kiara ilikuom mapema

Ankle , nunua hizi and your receding hairline itakoma.

Iko wapi

Mali swafi

The look of excitement is still evident on his face even in death.