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Good observation by Hart. For females, animal instincts kick in during certain times of the month…but he ignored to mention the role played by societal norms…and of course love in controlling these urges

Men and women are forever checking one another out. Men of course are always interested in women, but women’s feelings depend on whether they’re in the fertile part of their monthly cycle or not – and whether they’re in a relationship.

But maybe not in the way you’d expect.

Because a single woman’s interest in men only varies with what’s going on in her life. As does a woman’s feelings towards a regular partner. But no matter how faithful a woman in a relationship feels towards her partner, she still has a subconscious interest in other men. And it peaks dramatically around the day she ovulates. Just when she’s most likely to get pregnant – or have an affair. You can tell, because it affects her behaviour!

Basically because she’s subconsciously checking out any other interesting guys that may be around, no matter how she may rationalise her feelings. And doing a little advertising. So unlike single women, women in relationships become more sociable around the time they ovulate, spend less time with their partner and walk around more – really, it’s been measured using pedometers! They travel further, are more likely to go out without their partner and to have fantasies about other males. They’re less interested in food, become subtly more attractive, prefer more masculine faces and are more competitive towards other women – as if they’re competing for the best opportunities. And they flirt more, especially with highly masculine men. Such guys have good male genes – but are notoriously unfaithful. And poor long-term partners. But a brief affair with one can provide the best of both worlds – so long as your regular partner doesn’t find out!

But he can’t help noticing your behaviour changes, even if only subconsciously. So on your fertile days, he’ll be more attentive and loving toward you, more jealous and possessive, make unexpected phone calls, spend more time with you and produce unexpected gifts. What he’s really doing is making sure you’re not out on the tiles.

…because sadly, from the point of view of men, women are not naturally faithful. It’s one thing to have a lifelong partner to help bring up your children. It’s quite another to have all your children by him…

…so psychologists find that women in relationships groom themselves better during their fertile days, and wear more attractive clothes. Have you noticed yourself doing that? Chances are, the hairstyle, jewellery and clothing you choose look more fashionable than during the rest of the month. You’ll tend to show more skin, wear skirts instead of trousers, wear tops with lacy trim or add scarves or jewellery. The effect peaks at ovulation, although of course all sorts of things like your job affect your choices as well. And psychologists have never picked up any hint that any of this is for the benefit of your regular partner!

Because our subconscious bodies are pretty ruthless when it comes to getting hold of the best genes. So it’s women who could gain most genetically from an affair who demonstrate these effects most, for example women who’s partners are less sexual attractive!

What was it someone said? ‘All’s fair in love and war???’

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Interesting read…

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Hart is good with these things. He has good advice.

Yup. He studied well in school using all the free time he has since he has no wife or kids

His penis is small.

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Kama ni Chris Hart the Sunday Nation Columnist then you are wrong. He divorced his first wife and currently is married to a Luo