For those of us tunapenda kununua simu majuu...

Then tunakuja ku-unlock wenyewe unakuwa na simu powerful at a very cheap price, ukinunua ile ambayo iko locked to a CDMA carrier, jua kumekuwa kubaya. The kawaida tricks za kutafuta SPC/MSL code zote zimefungwa kwa lollipop (exploit imepatikana august for some phones) na marshmallow (exploit imepatikana moja). The apps are not helping at all…



The SimUnlock feature no longer asks for a code in order to unlock the network, it just tells you to contact customer services of the said networks.



Since iphone 2, most smartphones support a wide variety of networks and are only limited by mobile telephony companies, who sell phones on a contra tual basis, where one commits to paying for phone services at subsidised rates for a period, say two years. Advantage is the phones are dirt cheap, however, the phones can only pick up network signals of the company you signed with. This is because they are locked at hardware driver level. Even flashing new roms cannot change anything network-wise. The only way is to obtain the code used to encrypt the chipset drivers. There were several exploits used to obtain the code without asking the carrier for it (of which they found it difficult to give to prevent people from going to other networks without honouring the contract) which made sure people like me ended up with superb phones for a quarter of the price if it was unlocked. The best were CDMA carrier phones, the SPC/MSL codes were hidden among the hardware control files (I’m talking of qualcomm. Apan tambua mediather), run an app, a program on windows or some adb commands and voila, HTC flagship for the price of a tecno. The only saviour at the moment is some piece of hardware called GCPro Key that can find the exploit in marshmallow devices and very few people have it and they are minting serious money for a 10 minute job.

Gist of the post: Invest 17k on that dongle that looks like a flash disk and earn a fortune unlocking phones remotely (via teamviewer and such windows desktop sharing programs) before an exploit is found.

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tupeleke pole pole mjamaa, hii pesa inatengenezwa aje?


Hiyo dongle ni 150-180 dollars. Inaweza unlock simu mingi sana. Hata mtu akikuuzia simu ya marshmallow na amereset simu lazma uweke email address yake ndio ifunguke, hiyo pia inafungua. Unaenda pale XDA developers unasema una-unlock simu ziko locked to CDMA networks bora wakupe donation ya 10 dollars. Watu watakutafuta dunia mzima


Ama in short we make sure ni UNLOCKED sio?

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For now, kabla exploit ipatikane

whats CnDMA

enyewe wewe hujuii any



It’s a type of radio communications used by phones, mostly in the us. The rest of the world GSM rules. This can explain better,2817,2407896,00.asp

Hii Na Ile mambo ya @Deorro na @snapdragon ya Ku rooting phones sijui custom ROM , coding ,java,python etc Windows10 ang’owa …

. . . ata Niki wekwa Kwa gunia pamoja Na izo vitu ,ifungwe wiki mzima,bado siezi catch any.


Jifunze hizi vitu usiboeke na umama watu wamekuwa nayo hii wiki


but CDMA has to remain CDMA ama inaweza cross to gsm ikifunguliwa

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Most smartphones these days can operate on whichever network. Once you unlock the networks, the phone functions the same as any other be it on a gsm carrier or cdma

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I will always insist, am not going to spend money buying a phone then use it how others say it should be used. My phone, my money so Am going to fucking use it how I want n not be controlled


Are you minting money ama umekosa hio 17k ?

Mimi ndio nimegundua jana after kujifanya makmende nimekimbilia the exploits nilikuwa natumia before. Simu ilishika network dakika 20 nikatoa sim card kujigamba kumbe nikunienjoy. Nikitafuta vile nitafanya nikakutana na hiyo knowledge huko xda developers.

I won’t have much use for the dongle coz I don’t have much time to spare. This may help someone else here make money and in turn continue helping those of us who love buying those subsidized phones

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he bought a CDMA phone, fala dush.

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correct me if am wrong lakini hii CDMA si it’s getting phased out? hata Orange walifunga yao huku?

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Neymann pearson lemma? I think not

Bado iyo HTC inakusumbua pelekea Jose pale munyu rd atakusort