For the love of s@x

During my high school days. I once sneeked out of school at 11pm on a monday night to look for a hooker to quench my thirst, i had heard from classmates there was a town 9km from our school that was called nguluni that was full of hookers i was at mukaa boys. Personaly i had never been to that town but the way they described it was on the road afew kilometres from our school. I had stayed 2 months without sex and i could no longer hold it so i sneeked out walked 9km to nguluni town the area was so remote very few houses and scattered the journey was frightening came across an area that smelled like fried chips this made me run like crazy, coz i could not see any home near the place yet it smelled like freshly cooked chips, I thought those were jinis preparing their food so i run fast., i later came to realize its a type of tree that smells like chips i have forgetten the name of the tree , passed a home that had a cow the cow had a bell so whenever it moved the bell produced a sound this frightened the shit outer me made me run faster when i reached the town at 2am ,it was a ghost town few bars opened i could not find a single hooker i was so disappointed that i had to jackoff in one of the toilets in the bar walked back to school slept through most of the lessons of the day that followed


Your story sounds like mine only that i snicked to go chew sugarcane i loved food more than sex in high school
and the chips smell, someone told me its the big python. it i belches its belch smells like fried warus so i ran super fast but in my case i found 3 long canes chewed them all through the night the next day i couldnt eat anything my mouth was all sour

Mblathas wa mukaa mboyz tuongelesheni tu kikambaa priss


NV Mutiso niaye wamusee? Hii hekaya ingekuwa musuli kama ungeelezea polepole na uweke more ndetails.

Multihandlers mko na umeffi

in the process of sinking out of school you lost your spelling?

Ulikua umeenda kutafuta Ms Mbitwes :D:D:D:D

umetudanganya lakini ni sawa…

Mukaa school is in Salama just after Sultan Hamud karibu na Emali…nguluni is in Tala…some kilometres before Tala…and its not 9km… theres no way you can walk that distance and back…uongo mingi acha…

Another nguluni

Unatembea/unakimbia kilomita tisa na bado una nguvu za kupiga punyeto. Are you superman Mutiso?

the only town near Mukaa boys is called Nunguni…unless alikuwa anamaanisha iyo


And Kilungu

Mblatha Kasee, ignore the nay sayers. Despite adding more salt to your warus your hekaya is very interesting.


he is right, there is another Nguluni at the same area he is describing

but… sijawahi cheka hivyo, dude must have been on a real dry spell, the terrain he went through at night is mind bogling :D:D:D:D:D:D

:D:D:D:D 9 kilometres especially alone at night is no mean feat. Patia kasee like.

Get yourself a whiskey and send me the paybill number :D:D:D:D

yaani you walked all the way from Mukaa to nguluni to look for lanyes, you might as well have been looking for an atheist in a convent :D:D:D:D:D

the problem is not even the 9kms, its the terrain

drove through the route he is taking about a couple of months back and i had to engage 4 wheel drive to get out of the dust going up the hills. :D:D:D:D:D