For the love of my country III

I couldn’t travel upcountry. Someone was monitoring my movements. That I was sure. I didn’t need to see a tail to confirm it. I need to seem as normal as possible… I kept telling myself.
Public means being more ‘normal’, I boarded a Zurich bus and headed to town. Next, I took a cab to Athi River after which I waited for a bus headed to Arusha. The journey was calm all through. I didn’t have any cell phone with me but some cash, my travel documents and a novel by John Grisham. It kept me occupied. I didn’t want to think about what I was leaving behind. There wasn’t much but I was leaving my country for an unknown destination.
Life as I knew it was about to change.
At Namanga, we all did the normal checking out of the country with no hitches. I started feeling nervous. Something didn’t seem right. Everything was too comfortable. I joined the line to have my passport stamped but upon receiving the passport and my yellow fever vaccination certificate, the custom agent looked at me, back at the passport…
“Habari yako james? Unaelekea wapi Tanzania?”
“Niko poa madam. I am going to Arusha for a training”
“How long will you be staying in Arusha?”
“Maximum a week.”
“Kindly look at the camera…”
I obliged.
“Place your fingers on the fingerprint scanner, right thumb first…”
I did as asked.
“The other hand…”
I placed it… A gentleman in a grey suit approached the counter, stared at me for a while, whispered something into the agent’s ear then walked off into an office behind the counter.
“There seems to be an issue with your documentation. Your yellow fever certificate seems to have an anomaly. Kindly have a seat at that bench over there as we countercheck everything. ”
That’s when I knew shit was about to go South. I couldn’t do anything. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe am too paranoid. Blame it on my job but I knew something was not right. I had applied for the certificate the previous year and it never had an issue even for international travels.
I proceeded to sit and before my ass touched the wooden beams, some two ladies came and asked me to follow them. They were border security guards.
After several corridors, I was ushered into an office and guess who was sorted right there?
She was in army uniform. The pinned stars placed her at the ranking of a Lieutenant Colonel. A rank below Musa.
So it was Lieutenant Colonel Milkah.
I wanted to salute but I was surprisingly careless. I didn’t. How did that happen? How? Why? Who was this woman?
As these questions crossed my mind, the two guards who had brought me here disappeared without me noticing. I was just stuck there staring down at her. She didn’t look up. This was a power play.
Different from the woman I had slept with the previous day, Milkah looked auspiciously cold. She was all serious in that uniform. My groins shifted. She looked sexier even though all I could see was her chest upwards. I had devoured this body not too long ago.
I had left her at the airport. I had explained what needed to happen and she had sat there listening like a clueless girl. So many questions bothered me but there was no answer to either.
“Have a seat Major”. She finally said after looking up from a file she was going through. It had my picture at the top left corner. Her voice was as commanding as it was cold. She was now staring at me direct in the face. The weave was gone. I liked that. In its place was natural hair which wasn’t visible because of the army cap. There was no makeup on her face and she was beautiful. I hadn’t noticed that as her naked bed lie on my bed earlier.
“It’s Madam for you”. She responded.
The army boy in me took over after that humbling statement and I saluted. It was involuntary as it was automatic. I then sat down on a chair right opposite her and waited for instructions.
Utajua hujui. That statement kept ringing in my brain. I had thought I had everything figured out but today, someone had pulled the rug from under my feet. I was overcome by a type of humility I hadn’t felt before. She was the Master chess player.
“As I see it, you have two options. Actually it is one, but because we have a history, I will add a second…
A soldier’s duty is to serve. Going through your file, I didn’t picture you for a deserter kind of guy. So here are the options, one, I give you back your passport, you proceed to Arusha and never come back or second, we drive back to HQ, where you won’t be charged with anything, you continue with the assignment Colonel Musa gave you and we assume nothing happened. For option one, I will give you a lead time of 36 hours after which the resources of the Kenyan Military and those of our allies will be dedicated to finding you. If we do, you will be court marshalled and spend the rest of your life in military prison…”
“You are a resourceful person with a highly decorated service, you might be gone for a few weeks, months or even few years if you are lucky, but we will catch up with you eventually…” She concluded.
The only reason I was leaving the country as because of her. It was because I had refused to take her out when ordered to do so. I was leaving because I knew I would be hunted, one for refusing to obey a direct order, two for knowing too much and three for the two reasons I have given.
My goose was cooked.
So really, I could only take the second option. If it was Colonel Musa sitted infront of me, I would have chosen the second option. Then I knew there was a chance I would track Milkah down and we could start off something together. There was that possibility. To think I had been ready to throw away my career of over a decade because of a cheap lay…
But from the look of things, Milkah wasn’t cheap. She was nothing close to an easy lay either. The reason she had struck my eye that night is still fleetingly lost on me and I couldn’t quite figure out the reason I chose her over a myriad of girls that were literally throwing themselves at me.
“I will go for the second option Madam.”
She stood up and that’s when I really got a chance to look at her. The previous day, I had been too overwhelmed by worries of her safety that I hadn’t noticed the long legs, the rainbow of an ass she had or the brisk walk that accentuated every step she took. She was a graceful woman. The hour glass want lost on me. There was no trace of fat on her belly. I preferred my women that way. Only, she wasn’t mine. At least not any longer.
As she walked out of the door, I stood up saluted and it was only after she was gone that I took my seat and started feeling sorry for myself. How did I get here? Have I become so poor at reading character? What the fuck is my problem?
After 45 minutes of nervous waiting, the door opened and she walked in with two other men. Of course Colonel Musa was one of them. I stood up and saluted as he took a seat directly opposite me. Milkah stood by his side. The other man stood by the door.
He went ahead and repeated everything he had told me during the visit to my house and without adding anything, he and the guy walked out, leaving Milkah and I.
We were to travel to Nairobi together. She was to be my babysitter for a while. I didn’t know how long that would last.
She gave me back my documents and asked me to wait outside as she changed into something more casual. Walking out, I knew that my life had completely changed. Compared to the day before, today, I completely had nothing to lose. Milkah had come close but she too had slipped through my fingers like Diani sand on a windy day
I waited for her at the parking lot admiring Ol Donyo Orok. The cold nature of the hills exemplified Milkah’s attitude towards me and I knew from this day going forward I had to be as magnificent but as cold as those hills. There was no other way. I was going back behind the gun and that was no place for second guessing or emotional vulnerabilities. This time round I had been caught up unawares, that happening on the battlefield in most cases meant instant death.
I was lost but I wasn’t ready to die.
Infront of me was a black Audi A4. The sound of its alarm disengaging and the doors unlocking woke me up from my stupor.
“You’re driving.” I heard Milkah say from behind me. The commanding voice had been replaced by a softness I hadn’t heard before. She came to my side and handed me the keys. She was in flowered flower dress. It had speckles of red and blue flowers all around it. It was loosely fitting and she didn’t seem to have any care in the world.
How women can change.
Her hair had been let loose and the wind blowing through the hills at one point or another brought a strand to her face. I wanted to remove it… feel her face on my palms…
“Let’s go…”
I proceeded to the driver’s side, got in and after she was settled, I ignited the car, reversed and drove out of the parking, the border control barricade and onto the Namanga, Athi River road.
“I am sorry…” She said meekly.
The part of me that would have been moved by that statement was gone so I just stared at the road ahead, ignoring the statement. To me, the only thing that mattered now was my gun, taking out psychos and getting laid once in a while.
Noticing my cold nature towards her, she rolled down her window and stared outside. The gasps of wind blowing into the vehicle became more intense and the dress started riding up her thighs. It wasn’t stopping. The dress. She didn’t seem to care. At the corner of her eyes she noticed me getting a glimpse of her thighs and smiled.
Her eyes changed.
“If you don’t want to talk, stop the car and let me sit at the back.”
I stopped, she unclamped her belt from its lock, and moved to the back left of the car. I could tell from the rearview. She left the window rolled down. I didn’t care.
She was trying to be human. She had made me a robot. I started the car again and continued with the journey. I tried to put on some music but she said the car’s reception was fucked up. Just like you… I thought to myself.
“Fuck it…” I heard her say that and stared at the rearview mirror to see try and establish the root of the statement.
She could see me watching. She lifted the dress up her thighs to her waist. She then lifted her ass up a bit and took it just above the waist. There were no panties underneath that dress. Her womanhood had no trace of hair. It was cleanly shaven. It was inviting.
“Pull over…”
I did.
Her hands started moving. Slowly at first over her mound then the pace increased. She was playing with her clit as I watched. It stood out just like her confidence earlier on. It had been summoned and it obeyed. It was full and erect. She flipped her manicured fingers over it…once, twice, thrice… Then I heard a moan escape her lips…
I hadn’t noticed the zipper on the side of her dress until she started zipping it down. All this while she was looking into my eyes through the mirror. She didn’t flinch other than the occasional closing of the eyes when the pleasure was where she wanted. The zip went down to expose a lacy bra which she didn’t even unclasp. She pushed it down to expose those nipples that I had worried over the day before.
They were as erect as they were stimulating. Her right hand caressed them one at a time as the right hand caressed her clit down there… the pace of the clitorial stimulation was increasing as did her moaning. She was now grabbing her tits as if her entirety depended on it… fondling gently was replaced by pinching of the nipples as two fingers in her right hand slipped into her wetness down below… two were replaced by three and the pace of entry increased.
Her eyes were closed as she brought herself into an orgasm, at the side of the road with me watching. My dick was so hard but there’s nothing I could do about it. I couldn’t fuck her even if she begged me to. I was a soldier not a sex doll.
She didn’t ask. After her breathtaking orgasm, she leaned forward, and placed those three fingers on my lips. They smelt nice… clean and erotic. I opened my lips and took them in my mouth. I licked them and I heard a moan escape her lips. Her tits were on my face when she suddenly withdrew her fingers, smiled and asked me to drive away.
She didn’t pull the dress down. She took off the bra and fell asleep. After an hour or she woke up and told me I would be heading to the house in Karen that the operation would be headquartered. She gave me the GPS coordinates and after feeding them into the vehicle’s navigation system, she slept off again.
Upon arrival, I woke her up and we settled for the night.
following morning I was introduced to the team I would be heading. They would answer to me, I would answer to Lieutenant Colonel who would answer to the Colonel who would then answer to the the NSC.
Our first mission was a Muslim cleric in Mombasa. He was using his teachings at the mosque and madrassa teachings to preach hatred against so called unbelievers. Based on intelligence provided by NIS, he was funding local terror cells and in the same time providing sanctuary to extremist Islamist groups coming from Somalia.
He is quoted having told the community not to Cooperate with Anti Terror Police officers. For some, he had even placed a bounty on their heads. He was so radical that some of his teachings were uploaded on Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms. Quoting a local journalist, his oratory skills were as good as those of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah
He was our first target and many more followed.
We were on a cleansing mission. We were clandestine and precise. Fearless and patriotic. For the love of country we were ready to do it all.
We still are… the war is not over…

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