For the first time I agree with The Boss Chick

Ok the second. The first was about covering the mapengos in her mouth with Beijing teeth.

What is a boy child doing following a shoshiorite it’s a pity when u follow a woman and expect to be a man in your house. Funda wewe

iko 3 days ago
2 retweets and 10 likes … unaleta hii hardened meffi malnourished here for?
stop gasing bitches…

rudia hapo tena

Lakini msenge @Koolibah anajichomea CV sana, na analeta hapa of all the places. He’s just begging for rko’s and sweeps

Bring it on my fren. I was giving people a come back line since the last two days watu wamekula masweep za ajabu.

I dont follow her

@gashwin hebu come kiasi …hii lugha yako inakaa inachezewa sana na watu kufundishwa na teefee…


@gashwin kuja tufunze mtu English ajue hajui. Hyphen tu ndio sijaweka mahali. Kuja na usitumane

you tryna vouch for that shit…
do you? but no way that shit is right

You say it, I dont


@Koolibah nini mbaya?