Football weekend. Place your bets.

Early kickoff is Man u V Spurs which is the weekend headline clash.
Pogba, Fellaini and Carrick all out. Harry Kane and our boy Big Vic are out too.

Liverpool play Huddersfield. Crystal Palace play Westham.

Arsenal play Swansea at Emirates while Bornmouth host Chelsea.

2017/18 Champions City travel to Westbrom.

Across the borders, the only matches worth watching are Milan v Juve in Serie A and Bayern v Leipzig in Bundesliga.

Enjoy your weekend. Gamblers, wekeni game ya Liverpool GG. Mkichomeka nitawalipa.
Place your predictions here:

Shida ya tottenham kila mtu ni striker .prediction man untd 1 spurs 2

isikuweke wasiwasi son,Delle na ericksen watapeleka hao vijana mbio sana

EPL sparta alisare nazo. .wacha nichill scotland derfermine niwekee 5k over 2.5 itaivaa na 40 minz :slight_smile:
halafu thao over 1.5 HT

Hii unona ikiishaje?


Naona 2-1

crystal palace vs Westham…Gg
Milan vs Juventus,.,…ov 2.5

Leo nko nyuma ya Tottenham mbaya sana

Arsenal, Watford and Liverpool have higher winning chances

Arsenal I’m staying away. The odds for over 2.5 are too low and winning is tricky… My slips for today

Slip 1
Leverkusen 2.5
Dortmund 2.5
ManCity over 2.5

Slip 2
Milan 2.5
Chelsea win or over 2.5 (I’ll determine that as the day goes)
Bayern 2.5 (if the odds are not below 1.40)

Alafu ni hivyo. Tungojee pesa.


kwako napick leverkusen,Mancity na Milan…Dortmund,bayern + chelsea ov 0.5 Ht

As for ManU and Tott, I know Kane hachezi. Wacha ningojee full lineup.

Manures will win. Afaa wahonge ref but sioni wakidrop points. Kane is a big miss for spurs.

This is my 2pm slip.


maybe you can change Valencia to a win and Besiktas BTTS

Man u 3-Tottenham 1

Without Kane, Spurs will struggle, Mourinho is very good at containing such teams. Naona draw or narrow United victory.

Leo nimecheza free hit. Hope sitauma nje.

hapa GG haiwez make