football player market gone bonkers

Apparently, barcelona are not giving up and will be submitting a fourth bid worth 138m pounds to test Liverpool’s resolve to keep Coutinho.

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the main question is…who will liverpool go for after selling him??hawes enda mahali

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I have a feeling Barcelona will finish 3rd…Mancity to bid for Messi,300million pounds

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he doesn’t have the preference of playing in england

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lets wait for the turn of events.You never know

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messi=barcelona…with or without suarez and neymar…he made a home there

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its sad how barca is losing its touch and its golden days cuming to a halt as this was a world class team both on and off the pitch; news is that messi is on the brink of signing for manchester city as he’s shown his interest for the team even following their page. lets gracefully embrace the Real De Madrid era.

By the time barca is done and transfer window closes, they will already have ruined Liverpool and Dortmund season. They have turned the heads of their stars too much, disrupting team squad preparations and manifested uncertainty in the other players minds. Meanwhile barca confidence is down as their backbone is left exposed. That is their defence is wanting. They will depend on its forward line to score more goals than they concede this season.

Barca is Suing Neymar for 8 million!!!

fuckers agreed to sell him and now are suing him for breach of contract. watu wengine ni meffi sana

Halaaaa Madrid. It was painful kuona Narca wakibeba kila kitu. Waishe kabisa

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what is the logic of holding on to a player who clearly wants out

To get more money from him

Kwanza they like tapping up players of other teams but when the same happens to them, they cry foul. The way they followed Fabregas, Henry etc made me lose respect for them. And now they have started legal proceedings to force Neymar to pay them 8 million pounds eti for breach of contract.

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What’s wrong about that if those are the terms in the contract?

The fee paid by PSG should have covered that, i.e buying him out of his contract. It just shows the club’s board is petty.

We’ve got to time where everything seems possible. It actually appears Manu U buying Pogba at the former record price was a bargain


Very petty indeed. If you milk all that from a club pia kuingine it makes sense kulegeza.

something of the kind saa ii na ile form yake ya Juventus angekuwa 200+

Jose said that last year. By this year Pogba record signing will not be a talking point anymore. Now consider he can possibly play the rest of his career at Old Trafford of +10 years just makes his signing fee looking like a very good bargain.


ni board ya Barca ndio meffi, players hawana noma na Neymar infact they support him.