Foolish Kenyans

Some cabinet secretaries are not even physically fit to join our disciplined forces, but someone is cheating you they can become the Commander-in-chief, na mnaamini?

io ignorance yenu ndio imewafanya mtumiwe vibaya na prophet owuor na pastor kanyari

even the current head is physically unfit, was elected by fools that way

Stick to the rich versus poor narrative. Naona mmeanza ya body shaming sasa.

Jayden has only thrown one punch and it seems it has disoriented your whole brigade.
Rift valley has produced a president
So has the wider central…let a qualified person from eastern, coast or western be supported to lead…campaigns proper ni from june…sai tuko kazi tu

Presidency hupewa yuke mwanaume anaconvince watu, sio ile tribe haijawahi kuwa na president.

Ata ngono hupewa yule mwanaume anajitetea ipasavyo, sio yule hajawahi tombana.

Uhuru is cornered, alifikiria Ruto hawezi pigiwa kura, sasa ameona what he fears most is about to become a reality, heri io kiti ipewe m’nubi mwenye io family yake inaweza mcontrol.

Mike Sonko told them off, they could not have their way in Nairobi, ilibidi wamtoe.

Wait for 2022

Am not a ruto supporter but one thing I agree Uhuru is scared like shit. He thought side lining ruto was his end but ameona the guy is popular than his bandwagon. Hio ndio reason aneanza kusema story ya other tribes, me thinks he want to divide the masses.

Uhuru alikunja face for only one day and now you guys are shaking:D


Wengine hata hawajasoma yet tumekubali watuongoze

Ng’ombe wewe kwani Trump na ndiye most powerful man anaweza hata kimbia 5m?

He is a stable genius, mentally fit. Trump was always there before he became president.

LootAll, Giddy, RAT, CAR-LONSO, MaDVD etc same old shit. All dine together

Hapana. All those you have mentioned are against Arror. They are not cut from the same clothe.

You don’t need to be physically fit to be commander-in-chief. The boss does not ever enter the field. Iyo ni kazi ya minions.

its a security risk. akipatwa na stroke akiwa kwa office muanze kupigana mkisema ameuliwa mtablame nani?

Yes with laughter.!

They all have the same teacher/ mentor… and they are all useless with no development record.

He can also die from cancer, car/plane accident etc…bado tu watu watasema ni assasination.

[SIZE=7]Ata ngono hupewa yule mwanaume anajitetea ipasavyo, sio yule hajawahi tombana[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]ni hayo tu kwa leo[/SIZE]

Hapa i agree with you…ruto has done really well and cornered the dynasties as we had labelled them ( even if hes one of them). But you have to agree that uhuru threw a very potent punch…nobody expected it…kwanza wewe sani u have all along assumed that Giddy is the next in line…trust me, uhuru is going to muddy the water further…from June expect more lethal punches…are we ready or are we going to see the same lame tweets am seeing from the omangas and cheruyots…am anti establishment but i have a feeling we are being cornered…a coastal or western or even eastern candidacy is too attractive to ignore

My preferred candidate is Kibwana.
William Ruto is better than most 2022 contenders is mentioned in too many corruption scandals.
Matiang’i is also no.
Mudavadi is also no.
Kalonzo is also no.