Food Printing machine..

As further proof that you can
now 3D-print anything, a
company called Natural
Machines has introduced a 3D
printer for food.
The “Foodini,” as it’s called,
isn’t too different from a
regular 3D printer, but
instead of printing with
plastics, it deploys edible
ingredients squeezed out of
stainless steel capsules: “It’s
the same technology,” says
Lynette Kucsma, co-founder
of Natural Machines, “but
with plastics there’s just one
melting point, whereas with
food it’s different
temperatures, consistencies
and textures. Also, gravity
works a little bit against us,
as food doesn’t hold the
shape as well as plastic.”

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ile siku nita print mbuzi choma ndio nta furahi.

afadhali wewe ni mbuzi…mimi pizza mzima large…n then al be so happy

your wishes are impossible